Evolution of the familiar text editor "Notepad" on Windows, what will change?

ByAbel Cheung

Microsoft took place on May 9, 2018 (Japan time)Microsoft Build 2018Updated "Notepad" which is a Windows standard text editor, and is available for UNIX / Linux and Mac OS X or laterLine feed codeAnnounced that it will correspond to "LF" (line feed), and to the line feed code "CR" (carriage return) of Mac OS 9 or less.

Introducing extended line endings support in Notepad - Windows Command Line Tools For Developers

"LF" and "CR" exist in the line feed code, and Windows uses "CR + LF" using these two as a line feed code. Windows Notepad recognizes only "CR + LF" as a line feed, so if you open a file with the line feed code "LF" or "CR" as shown in the image below, there is no new line in the file There was a problem that all lines were displayed on one line because it was judged.

By applying the update announced this time, we can recognize all the line feed codes of "CR + LF" "LF" "CR", even if it is a file made with other OS, it looks like the following image It is possible to correctly reflect line breaks in. In addition, the status bar at the bottom of Notepad is supposed to display the line feed code of the file.

There is no noticeable change other than correspondence of the line feed code, and the line feed code when creating a new file with Notepad is created with "CR + LF" as before. Also, depending on the environment, there is a possibility that a problem may occur, and in this case, it seems that it is possible to edit the registry and return to the conventional operation.

A text editor that supports three line feed codes is not uncommon and can be substituted with free software or open source software. For this reason, some updates may seem like small changes. However, in the case of a person dealing with multiple PCs, it can be said that it is a useful update because there are times when you want to check the contents of the file and encounter scenes where you want to edit without having to install another software.

Although the timing of applying notepad updates is undecided, at the time of writing the article, the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview version "Build 17661"It is already implemented and it is possible to try a new notepad.

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