A virtual printer "Virtual Image Printer driver" that converts the printing result into an image file

It is developed open source based on Microsoft's universal printer driver, and it can be installed as a driver for printing. Outputs are available in BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF formats. Since printing results can be confirmed as image files in advance, it is considerably convenient when printing from software without print preview. In addition, since the print result becomes the image file as it is, processing is also free. Recommended because it is surprisingly convenient.

Installation and usage are as follows.
SourceForge.net: Virtual Image Printer driver

When unpacking the downloaded ZIP file from the above site, "setup.exe" will come out and run, click "OK"

Click "Next"

Click "Install"


Installation of the driver will start, so click 'Continue'

Click "Finish"

Then this kind of setting screen opens automatically

Let's specify the folder where you want to save the image file at the bottom. You can select it by clicking the rightmost button.

Next, click the "File Format" tab and choose the format to output.

Only then print as usual. For example in Notepad, click "File" → "Print".

Then, select "Image Printer" from "Select Printer" and click "Print" to complete

This is the actual example 1

Here is an actual example 2, Japanese can be printed without problem

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