Headline news on 7th November 2007

Predict the end value of the dollar ASK rate on November 30 introduced at last week's headline and hit up to 10 million yenCyber ​​Agent FX campaignI tried to apply for it. In the application form you enter the full name, nickname, PC mail address, address, date of birth, and the expected exchange rate. I do not know how to move currency at all, so I rely on intuition and forecast it is 116.32 yen. Up and down 1 senior will be elected up to the 10th, so if the end value is between 116.31 yen and 116.33 yen you can earn prizes.

For those who want to analyze data, there are information tools that can be used when opening a free account, so it may be good to try people who want to predict after reviewing the information without relying on intuition. Please note that minors can not apply.

So, tomorrowNovember 8. The Louvre Museum was opened in 1793. In 1895 Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays and in 1956 the Antarctic ship Soya departed for the South Pole. Also, a psychopathologist Hellman Rorschach who devised a psychological test / Rorschach test using ink spots was born in 1884, and Masashi Kishimoto who is serializing manga 'NARUTO - Naruto' in a weekly juvenile jump in 1974 Born and died in 1941 by Setoguchi Fujiyoshi, a composer known for such as "Warships Marchi".

Today's headline news.
Media · Pub: Rice Newspaper, circulation circulation does not stop falling(The mass media, Top 25 The number of Chubu numbers grew 4 papers)

Buffalo, 2 TD HDD with 2 TB mounted NAS(Hardware, the boundary with TeraStation has become ambiguous)

Fascinated by black and premium "R" ─ Matsushita Electric Industrial "Let'snote Premium Edition" (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, "Premium" Let 's note compatible with 250 GB HDD and Intel Turbo Memory)

[New product] Asahi Denki, an ordinary light bulb becomes a "human sensor light" adapter (BCN) - Yahoo! News(It can be used by plugging in hardware, socket)

Number of cellular and PHS subscribers in October, SOFTBANK maintains strong(Mobile, WILLCOM is a net decrease)

User who requests more than 10,000 yen per month, 10,000 yen present at transfer to SoftBank(Mobile, further promoting SOFTBANK transfers from other companies)

Korea Mobile Status: Church Mobile / Bible Phone / Buddhist Website - Grab "Religious Users" in the Mobile Market - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, whether it will come out in Japan in the future)

Screened for surveillance cameras by worship, arrested burglars Excite News(Aired overseas, surveillance images of fast food shops during worship)

Australia News: 8 boys, shooting videos by sneaky sexual assault escaped from juvenile training school(Overseas, it seems that images were distributed as DVDs)

Black Macho News 【Fuji】 To partner with "Sister Mountain" with Mt. Taishan of China(Memo, what is a sister mountain)

Dancing with pants $ 5000 Underwear manufacturer's video contest Excite news(Net contests, sexy movies do not win)

Guyx, "school back site" "Internet bullying" consulting(Measures such as net service, back school site etc)

Microsoft Unveils Official Version of "Windows Live"(Software, Japanese version can also be downloaded)

Transfer insignia | Box ○ Trouble The fourth annoyance fee is unsold? Game (without Pake and Bird Theory)(It seems that game software will be sent if you fix the breakdown many times)

PreCure 5 is also a pity in the second chapter from February next year (planned).(Anime, do you do it with the same character again?)

"I want to merge with you" Creator's Aquarion CD released(Anime, that song that is flowing with CM releases)

Final read HP blog: Actually it was gay(What's interesting, it's story)

FujiSankei Business i. Comprehensive / Furuya-san, Mr. Ikeda To be a missionary of "Gundam" beyond the voice actor's framework(Animation, past myself can not be exceeded)

[@JOJO] Hiroko Araki Lecturer lecture "Map for drawing manga without loss" & event report link collection(Manga, it seems that a cheering sound like a terrible sound happened at the lecture hall)

How to distinguish geeks(Geek, there is one)

Is not he okay? Gundam artist who was flushed from Wakai Osamu - Ameba News [Ameba News](Performing arts, Immers who are able to handle the two roles of Amuro and Chia)

Retirement crisis! Is it? Shiga's loose character "Hiko ni": Alfalfa mosaic(Culture, the department to manage Hiko-chan after November 26 is not decided)

A way of avoiding fear of "false false" for men - Ameba News [Ameba news](Life, problem solving if you make a male-only vehicle)

The Eurostar New Station in the UK is completed and a memorial ceremony will be held AFPBB News(It takes about 20 minutes to get to railway, Paris and Brussels)

"Shinmaru Marutacho" "Gion Shijo" "Shimizu Gojo" Keihan changed station name, sightseeing spot PR Kyoto newspaper electronic version(Change at the same time as the opening of the railway and the Nakanoshima line)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Cannon Canterbille(Music, all weapons as instruments)

Mother girl: Receive the strongest tsundere(Life, then it can not be helped)

Pay with 2 chan channels live coverage Giza 10(Life, shop clerk is amazing)

Let's stretch your back straight and take "Uu aaaa" and "Elongation cat"!(Cat, I want to take this)

Sakaide-shi and Kameoka-shi "Yutaka Takashi" place name - Japanese practice(It seems that it reads as a cod with a word, "Yutaka Takashi")

CNN.co.jp Poison snake together with 87 animals together for 45 minutes, not being chewed Guinness's new record - overbearing story(Memo, I wonder if there are those who challenge the next record)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Vending machine with sweet items(A mysterious can with food and explanation written)

God was lunch(When I got a juice of food, triangular pack, I was happy to be asexual)

Mercian releases limited amount of chocolate flavor sparkling wine(Food, chocolate flavored wine?)

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