Google integrates Chrome OS with Android and is developing a PC / mobile compatible OS


Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that Google is integrating Chrome OS with Android and is developing a new OS that can be used with either PC or smartphone.

Alphabet's Google to Fold Chrome Operating System Into Android - WSJ

Google is merging Chrome OS and Android | The Verge

According to what WSJ got from sources, Google has plans to integrate the Chrome OS on Chromebook with Android, the mobile OS. The plan to integrate the two OSs has already been in progress for nearly two years, a preview version will be announced with Google I / O in 2016, and the official version will be released in 2017.

Google has sold a Chromebook as a cheap PC series, but research firmsIDCAccording to the survey, the share of Chromebook is only about 3% of the total. On the other hand, Android is growing as a mobile OS with the world's most users. A new OS that integrates these two OSs,Like Windows 10It is expected to be a big challenge for Google as it becomes desktop / mobile compatible OS. As PCs and mobile terminals can obtain applications from Google Play, developers also have the advantage of being able to reach a wide range of devices by developing only one application.


While The Verge has also confirmed that Google's OS integration plan is ongoing from its own sources, Google spokeswoman also said, "Two operating systems will continue to be offered, Chrome OS will be abolished It is also touched that I received a comment that "I do not mean that.

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