Added download function to Netflix, long-awaited offline playback possible

Netflix announced that it added the download function to the application for smartphone. Rumors saying that it will be added within 2016 are flowing, and at the same time, although it was rumored that only some countries can be used, it is rumored that implementation is possible in the form that the user is pleased with It seems to have become.

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Downloads Make It Even Easier to Watch Netflix on the Go

Netflix is ​​one of the video distribution services, and we distribute a number of original drama series and so on planned independently. When it is close, Naoki Yoshi's Akutagawa prize winning work "spark"Netflix imaged.

Since Netflix is ​​a streaming service so far, content is not downloaded, so it was essential to have a net connection when viewing it,Earnings Interview for the first quarter of 2016, Professor Reed and Hastings declared that they are considering introducing the download function.

At this time the timing was not made clear, but in OctoberIt is scheduled to be implemented within 2016The story emerged. As a result, functions were introduced as stated in this story. However, at the moment it is a piece of work that you can enjoy in an offline environment.

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