Milky coconut milk and spice serious "cup noodle Singapore style laksa" tasting review

Ethnic noodle real cooperative development with Thai Nissin "Cup noodle Tom yum cunnoodleFollowing the second full version of ethnic noodles "Cup Noodles Singaporean Laksa"Has appeared on September 28, 2015. With the cooperation of Nissin in Singapore and being a full-fledged noodle that reproduced the local taste, I tried to eat actually how to eat Southeast Asian cuisine while staying at home.

"Cup noodle Singapore style laksa" | Nissin Food Group

"Cup noodle Singapore style laksa" package looks like this.

"Lacusa"Southeast Asian cuisine with ingredients such as chicken, shrimp, fried and fried rice, rice noodles etc. in soup cooked in spicy spicy coconut milk. He said that he is known as Soul Food in Singapore.

There is a laksa paste on top of the lid.

What is used for raw materials are those that make Southeast Asia feel like laksa paste, coconut milk, spices.

When you open the lid with the peri, you can see that the usual cup noodle contains unseen fried tofu.

Immediately put the hot water and wait for 3 minutes. Since it is necessary to keep the laksa paste warm, OK if you do not peel off from the lid.

After three minutes opening the lid, the fried tofu and egg are plump. The fragrance of coconut milk and spices like Southeast Asian cuisine are scented.

Do not forget laksa paste here.

Finally mixing it well is complete. The entrance of the laxa paste that used 10 kinds of spices, the authentic atmosphere that the fragrance peculiar to Southeast Asian cuisine such as lemon grass drifts.

Red oils are floating on the cloudy soup and it looks like Southeast Asian cuisine.

When I tried it, the richness of coconut milk spread and it is very mellow. I also feel a bit of a bitter spicy, but since it is a flavoring level, it seems that even people who are not good at eating spicy foods can eat.

From the fried tofu, the soup which juicy and chicken soup was working will bled out.

Also a piece of red pepper is included, but again the taste of thick and creamy coconut milk is more main than spicy.

It is less than fried but it also has chicken firmly in it.

In addition, the price of "Cup noodle Singapore style laksa" is 194 yen including tax, it can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide etc.

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