"World soup trip tom yam style & laksa style" tasty review that can eat real authentic Asian cuisine just by choking in the microwave oven

Since Asian cuisine requires spices and seasonings that are not so much at home, making hurdles at home is expensive. Among such Asian cuisine, it can also be said to be the royal road menu of Thailand "Tom yam kung"Soup in Singapore and Malaysia"LacusaHeating with a microwave oven can eat "World soup tripIt is a series.

Miyajima soy sauce World soup tour Tom Yam style laksa style guide

This is the soup trip in the world that Miyajima soy sauce sells.

"Tom Yam style" made it easy to eat Tom Yum Kung which can be said to be a staple of Thai food.

Very low calorie with 132 kcal at 250 g per serving.

Raw materials include Tom Yam Paste and Nampura.

Just heat the cooking method by putting it in a microwave oven without sealing it.

The heating time is 2 minutes at 500 W and 1 minute 40 seconds at 600 W.

"Laksa style" is like this. Lacusa is a curry-flavored soup that can be eaten in Singapore and Malaysia, etc. Nissin was also "Cup Noodles Singaporean Laksa"I was putting out the product called"

The calorie is 250 g per person and 141 kcal. It is slightly higher than Tom Yam wind, but it is still low enough for calories.

Raw materials included coconut milk, yellow curry paste and so on.

That's why I started cooking from Tom Yam style first. It's easy enough to warm up with a microwave oven without cutting the seal, so it's easy to suspect that "Is this really OK?"

Open the seal when heating is over ......

You can eat it as soon as you put it on a plate. The ingredients are sinking in the soup, but ...

When scooping up with a spoon, ingredients such as mushrooms, chicken, peppers, etc. were contained. The mushroom mushrooms are elegant in texture, and the taste of Tom Yum Kung soup which lemongrass is effective in chicken meets firmly in ingredients.

A spicy red oil floats on the soup, I feel the acidity at the beginning at first, but I feel a painfully distressed from the beginning. People who do not like spicy things are more likely to get sweat, but it is better for them to be careful.

It is hard to say that konnyaku noodles match with soup, but because it contains konnyaku noodles, it is just right amount to fill the small belly.

The heated laksa looks like this. Shrimp and coconut milk and curry spice are mixed, and there is a unique fragrance which can not say anything.

Chicken meat is larger than Tom Yam style, but overall it is a little impression.

The carrot is a bitter texture.

The fried soup is solidly impregnated. It is an exciting flavor of coconut milk with curry spice, and when you eat the laksa style, you feel a burning sensation. Several editorial staff had me eat, but the taste is different so that the person who is "delicious" and someone who "can not eat" have more taste. Cup noodle It was totally different thing from Singapore style laksa, so it may be more serious finish. Just warming up in a microwave oven makes it easier to eat authentic Asian cuisine, so it may be good to leave it to eat anytime.

In addition, soup traveling in the world Tom Yam style and laksa style are both 432 yen including tax and can be purchased from the Miyajima soy sauce online shop.

World soup trip Tom Yam Wind - Miyajima soy sauce online shop

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