I tried curry cans "chicken and flavor roasting curry" in the taste of the royal road

"Canned curry can" realizing full flavor but canned food such as Thai curry and Indian curry "Chicken and flavored doubled curry'S spicy is added. Chicken and flavored doubled curry was said to be spicy curry using coconut milk and raw chili, I bought it and tried it at once.

There are various things! Thai & Indian series | Inaba Food Co., Ltd.

This is chicken and flavor roasting curry newly added to curry cans of korean inn.

In addition to chicken, vegetable soup, onions, potatoes, coconut milk is included as raw materials.

Opened canned with push and push.

It looks like orthodox curry and it is slightly different from Thai curry in Indonesia or Indian curry series.

If you look closely, there is something like black spice in the curry.

Transfer curry to a heat-resistant container ......

I will put a lap.

Chin in the microwave. This time I warmed up at 600 W for 1 minute 30 seconds.

After warming up in a microwave oven, completed through a dish with rice.

Curry has chicken in it.

It is around 2 times big cubes of sugar cubes.

The leek of curry is stained firmly on onion.

Firstly, we cook curry with rice. It is like the curry of the Japanese royal road which is not the company's Thai curry or Indian curry, but the vegetable taste is firmly in Ru and there is a deep richness. Spicy is on the line, and if you eat it you get more hotness to eat. It is harder than the spicy of common retort curry. I do not do the peculiar smell of coconut milk at all.

The corner potato potatoes are big and not hooked, but the compatibility with Ru is good.

Chicken meat is a little bit greasy, but the stained spot comes out as it burns.

"Chicken and flavor roasting curry" is finished in authentic curry to the extent that the accent of spice and the richness of rush do not fit in canned level. It is a shabby dish for those who like to have a spicy because they are a bit snappy.

In addition, "Chicken and flavor roasting curry" is sold at Rakuten Ichi for 345 yen including tax.

【Rakuten Ichiba】 Naka chicken and flavor roasting curry medium spicy 125 g [Thai curry curry (in canned food) of inanabe food] [music for tomorrow]: Kenko com

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