"Delivery 1 chome" to fried rice, I try to eat "a delicious one-father's bamboo fried rice" that can be cooked in a microwave

Long-selling products sold since 1968 "Daiichibe"Rice" the taste of instant noodles, "Farewell Fried Big Fried Food"Will be released on February 2, 2015. Since I got the item ahead of the other, I actually tried eating what kind of fried rice is going on.

"One-door delivery of fried rice fried fried rice" (released February 2) | Nissin Food Group

This is "a delicious birthday fried delicious baby one"

Packages are drawn out as usual as well as a delivery baby. No need for hot water, microwave cooking from water.

On the lid is a figure of secret sesame oil.

The calorie is 382 kcal per 99 g per meal.

The pork extract is contained in the same as one for ramen. In addition to that, "Fermented baby's fried fried rice" contains pork fat and pork with seasonings.

So, I will cook it. Peeling off the lid and the lid ... ...

Pour 160 ml of water to the inner line.

Make a good mime.

After that it warms up in 5 minutes 30 seconds if it is 500W in the microwave oven and 4 minutes 30 seconds if it is 600W.

After heating, remove it from the microwave oven and wait for 1 to 2 minutes while stepping the lid and steam.

When time comes by opening the lid, the smell of fluffy and fried rice drifts, and it is very appetizing.

First of all it is a bite. The ingredients are eggs, seasoned pork, Naruto, scallion, etc. When it is put in their mouths, the fragrance of fried rice and the taste of pork extract are felt ... it is delicious, but it is felt that "something is missing ..." .

If you put secret sesame oil into it ... ...

Secret Sesame Sesame oil is added at the moment the oil is applied, and the fragrance spreads in the mouth until the previous time. For microwave cooking, of course, it is not flip-flop like ordinary fried rice, but it is an ant with a dusty texture. It is a junk that seems like a habit, although the likes and dislikes of this type of cooked foods can be divided, "Delicious delicious fried rice" is a perfection degree comparable to frozen fried rice.

I did not eat one delivery for a while, but how much is it similar to one for a ramen souvenir? I was concerned, so I actually eat and compare it.

Boil 500 ml of water and add ramen inside. Heat for 5 minutes.

After heating, put hot water in the bowl in which the powder soup was put first, and melt the soup.

After entering the ramen in the bowl, complete the sesame oil after adding the sesame oil.

When I tried it, the savory fragrance of sesame oil spreads in my mouth as well. However, since the juiciness is also intensified by the finish that the fried rice has grown on the whole, what is common is the fragrance of the sesame oil, and "the one who made fried ramen as it is to the fried bread" Impression that it is not that it is not "fried rice fried".

In addition, on the back side of the package is written a method to cook in a frying pan, can you also make a satisfying finish for a person who says, "It is not fried rice or fried rice that is not flavored"? I tried making it because I was concerned.

Heat by pouring 200 ml of hot water in a frying pan.

Once you boil, stop the hot water, open all contents of "Fried Big Fried Fried Rice" except for sesame oil, and heat over medium heat while stirring well.

Stop the fire before the moisture runs out, cover and steam for 5 minutes.

When time comes, put secret sesame oil on ... ...

Heat with medium heat while mixing thoroughly.

Completed when it is served on a plate.

When eating, the mouth feeling moistly was slightly flavored. Because the fragrance also improved, so it was completely frying pan when asked "which is delicious". However, because microwave oven is enough to take time and trouble, this can be said to those who want to open the possibility of "Delicious Fried Rice fried rice".

In addition, "Friendly bamboo fried rice" is on sale from February 2, 2015, the price is 220 yen without tax.

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