Nissin 'Niseki "Kobayashi of the Soba" Tasting Review of Japanese-style Curry with sushi's Effect

Nissin sells the "Kalemeshi" series that you can eat curry and rice of the new genre "Third Curry" which is not just Ruu or Retort, just by choping with water. It was what made the curry meshes such as "Sobashi's Curry" unique to buckwheat noodlesSoba restaurant Kare Messes"is. I tried to eat it actually by getting Japanese bonito curry rice which made bonito and kelp sash effective in spices.

"Nissin soba restaurant Kare Messes" (released December 1) | Nissin Food Group

The package of "Soba restaurant Kare Messes" is a design that imagined the goodwill of the soba restaurant.

Calorie is 478 kcal per meal (121 g). Ingredients include seafood extract and kelp extract along with spices and curry powder.

First we opened the lid and found a Japanese-style curry such as green onion in addition to rice.

Pour water to the inner line. Approximate 260 ml.

Mix well before heating with a microwave oven. Failure to do this will result in delicious curry meshes, so be cautious.

The heating time is 600 W and 4 minutes 30 seconds.

It was completed. The scent of curry that soup like soup "curry udon" that can be eaten in the soba restaurant arouses appetite.

Mix well again with a spoon. Compared with the curry meshes of "curry taste rice" so far, the amount of roux is even larger even after mixing of the soba restaurant's curry meshes, so "curry flavored rice cook" is perfect.

The tempered Japanese style curry roux is often involved in rice and you can feel the taste of curry firmly. Nissin is saying, "Rice with a grain of rice standing, rice that can be enjoyed Koshi's texture", there is a good texture so that it can not be thought that the rice just poured in with water Because it is rice, there is also a response to eating.

As a ingredient contained chicken, green onions, carrots, etc. Increased satisfaction. If you eat lunch, it seems that you can smile with a gentle curry with a taste of soup stock.

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