"Crunchy ramen big cup crab-ball wind" that crab flavor oil produces crab-like appearance more than imagined

From Monday, August 17, 2015, add ingredients to the chicken ramen with potato-like bamboo, add thickening to the soup and make it "Chicken Ramen Big Cup Crab Mouth"Has appeared. Because it is supposed to be able to taste crab-ball-style chicken noodles by applying the "crab flavor oil" on the attached appendage, I tried to eat actually how much ball-likeness was reproduced.

"Chicken Ramen Big Cup Crab-Tassed Wind" (August 17 Release) | Nissin Food Group

A package of "chicken ramen big cup crab-ball" is like this. It is not a bowl shaped cup, but it is in a container of the same size as a cup noodle big.

A Chinese-style crab ball is printed.

"Crab flavor oil" was attached to the lid.

Ingredients include flavored seasonings and flavor oils, and ingredients such as eggs, fish meat paste products, spiny rice balls and scallions.

The energy per meal is 432 kcal.

Chicken noodles bowlI thought that there was fluffy eggs like, but when I opened the lid the eggs are less.

Pour hot water quickly and wait 3 minutes.

The finish was like this, the more eggs were added than I expected to return with hot water. However, because it is "Kaki Ball style", it is a question where why we did not use fluffy eggs.

Add crab flavor oil "crab flavor oil" that crab soup seems to be working, finish it.

As soon as you eat, the base taste is the usual chicken noodles, but it is finished in a chicken noodle that is different from the one you feel by extracting the crab extract.

The soup has a little thickening and it often entangled with noodles. Because you are not stuck more than a crab ballad that you can eat at a Chinese restaurant, soup can be drunk.

When you eat eggs, crayfish, kikugage, you can feel a crab-like atmosphere more than you might imagine. Thanks to the crab flavor oil, you can taste "Kaburase" rather than chewing into a cup noodle seafood noodle or a bite.

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