I tried "Cup Noodle Risotto Tom Yum Kung" which is perfect for summer with sour taste

"Cup noodle Tom Yam Kung taste" sold by Nissin familiar with cup noodles was a product that gained popularity to be temporarily discontinued, but its taste was reproduced with risotto "Cup noodle risotto Tom yum cun"Will be released on Monday, June 22, 2015. Since it is a risotto derived from a well-established noodle, I decided to buy it at a store and eat it as soon as possible what kind of taste it is.

Cup Noodle Risotto Tom Yumukun | Nissin Food Group

"Cup Noodle Risotto Tom Yum Kung" (220 yen tax) purchased this. It is a package using the same purple as the cup noodle Tom Yum Kung, so you can easily distinguish it as "Tom Yumukun's guy!" Just by eye sight.

A bag of "Tom Yam Paste" for placing Tom Yam Kung flavor is affixed to the lid. Since this product is developed in cooperation with Thai Nissin, expectation will increase for the authentic taste.

The energy per meal is 327 kcal, and the salt equivalent is 2.2 g and it is a nice place to be modestly modest. Raw materials using domestic rice, Tom yum paste, seasoned shrimps, mushrooms, red peppers and coriander are lined up as raw materials.

I will cook it. First off Tom Yam Paste from the lid and remove all the lid further. Be careful not to throw away this lid as it will be used later.

I tried scooping the ingredients before cooking with a spoon. You can already see colorful shrimps, pieces of mushrooms, and finely powdered seasoning in the rice which has dried in from.

Pour into the line inside the water container during cooking. As a guideline amount is 200 ml, be careful as you always need to use water instead of hot water at this time.

Pour water, put the lid on the container and put it in a microwave oven.

The cooking time depends on the output of the microwave oven. 500 watts or 600 watts seems to be optimal, and if it goes to over 800 watts it is necessary to enter the "steaming" procedure after cooking.

This time we will cook at 600 watts. Set the timer at 4 minutes and 20 seconds and start cooking.

Soon cooking was completed. The vapors of Atsuazu stand up from the container, so pay attention to burned.

Taking a lid, there was surprisingly moisture left. It was a bit far from the image you imagined from the name "risotto", but this does not need to worry because it will change to a good condition just after a certain amount of time.

Put Tom Yam paste according to the procedure. Because it is a paste with high viscosity, it may be okay if you paste the paste remaining in the bag with a spoon or put it on a container and become a "jabjub".

Cook well when stirring well. Immediately after having taken out from the microwave oven, I did not notice much fragrance, but from around the time I put in Tom Yam paste, a scent featuring peculiar acidity will drift.

First of all it is a single mouth pakuri. Tom Yum Kung taste of cup noodles has a reputation for reproducing its unique taste, but even if it becomes risotto it is finished in authentic taste as well. A rich taste that makes coconut milk effective based on fish and shellfish, the sour acid such as lemon grass is exactly Tom Yum Kung flavor itself, you can feel a moderate stimulation that many people become habit.

At first it was worried that "is not it watery?", But when cooking was over and around to start eating it gave a good feeling and the texture was just risotto.

Although rice is a bit different from the actual rice with a unique mottained texture common to this series, even if you eat it, you could finish it completely without discomfort.

Nissin "Cup Noodle Risotto Tom Yam Kung" is on sale from June 22 at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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