A scientific explanation on how to spend the day cheerfully even in lack of sleep at the end of the night

Somehow it is quite difficult to sleep in the morning, but you can not sleep as long as it is not a holiday. You can survive the day even in a state of lack of sleep like that "A way to spend the day well in spite of all-night closing"Is scientifically explained in a movie.

How To Recover From an All-Nighter: "The Science of Us" Episode 3 - YouTube

Sometimes visit "Sleepless Night".

I can not sleep a while or sleep, but I want to get in bed even soon in the morning ... ...

A long, long day will start, and we must manage the schedule somehow.

Even though thinking about it is just a beginning of a busy day, do not worry. There is a way to scientifically survive such a day.

One way to solve the lack of sleep is to "do not use the snooze button" of the alarm clock.

There should be many people who wake up and go to sleep with the snooze function that will realize "only 5 more minutes ... ..." mechanically. As sleeping time increases by 5 minutes each, it seems to be thought that "Sleep time has increased!", But scientifically it seems that sleeping in "another 5 minutes" will further worsen the condition about.

The next method is to "keep breakfast".

According to the research, it seems that there is an effect to improve mood and cognition by taking breakfast within one hour of getting up.

However, breakfast with sugar content such as donuts and sweet breads is strictly prohibited. Although it seems that taking sugar increases the blood sugar level and became healthy,When sugar is decomposed, blood glucose level drops before ingestionIt may be because it is sometimes more disappointing as a result.

Ideal to eat whole grains, meat, eggs etc. with breakfast in order to work well in spite of lack of sleep.

If you are a coffee drinker, leave only a cup for breakfast.

If you drink lots of caffeine, it will be overloaded and the body will overload from the morning.

And "going out" is also effective for lack of sleep.

By hitting a bright natural light, you can raise your body temperature and you can expect an effect to stimulate the awakening of your body.

And better not to put on sunglasses is better. This is because sunlight coming from the eyes is related to the above effect.

When you arrive at the company, you choose the most difficult one in a day to work on. Since it is the most awakening in a day for several hours from the start, you can do it more efficiently later.

Let's drink the second cup of coffee in one day after arriving at the office.

After 30 minutes of drinking coffee you will be able to work hard with the caffeine effect even if you do not have enough sleep.

So, there are hands to drink coffee according to the schedule of the day, such as 30 minutes before an important meeting.

Let's make lunch a little if you do some morning.

Ideal menus are grains, vegetables, and low fat content proteins.

If you take lots of saccharides even at lunch, you will be bothered by the level of drowsiness that is going with consciousness, so be careful.

After lunch is the most sleepy time in a day. I have an effect when I drink coffee here ....

Drinking coffee after 15 o'clock is strictly prohibited.

This is because it will stay in the body for about 7 hours when you ingest caffeine.

It should have been trying to overcome lack of sleep, but until caffeine sleeps until the time you can sleep at night, there are neither former nor children. It is also important to arrange the condition so that you can sleep soundly.

Finally the stage. Let's choose the one that is as simple and time consuming as possible during this time.

According to the research, it seems that it is not born to do good work on a day when you do not sleep because you can only focus on sleep for only 10 minutes. The shime of the day said that "replying to e-mail", "organizing files" and so on are good.

And if possible, let 's leave the office as soon as possible. If someone asks for a reason, he says, "Speaking of sleeping scholars saying that should be done" is okay.

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