A movie "Slow Motion Lightning" saying that it will become like this when seeing the moment when lightning strikes the sky and thunder falls in slow motion

Shooting several moments of lightning strikes with a high-speed camera, the appearance of lightning stroking like a living thing in the sky, and the movie capturing the light pillars by slow motion as lightning strikes the ground has been released I will. The lightning is very clear and you can see the state of "What happens really when thunderbolts?" That can not be confirmed with the naked eye.

Slow Motion Lightning, 12 July 2015 on Vimeo

Chilly and light runs on cloudy weather. At this point the lightning did not fall to the ground and disappeared soon.

From around the time the light ran, the light runs, and it goes to the ground while dividing into two branches.

Steadily growing ...

At the moment when it reached the ground, a large pillar of light was born.

The light ceases, long lightning like a dragon is clearly emerging.

After a while it gradually disappeared.

Like this, the lightning runs like the living thing in the sky, and it will emit explosive light at the moment when it reaches the ground. The following image captures clearly that the lightning is getting more and more branched.

This lightning disappears before reaching the ground ... ...

The next lightning will follow a similar path and fall as if the rut were there.

And at the moment of reaching the ground, not only the lightning itself, but also the sky glowed brightly.

After that, I could follow the same route as interestingly and see how the lightning falls many times in almost the same place.

The next lightning ...

The amount of light that makes visibility pure white.

Light like something crashed.

It extends sideways rather than vertical ......

The lightning gradually becomes thicker.

A moment like the sky cracked up and down was also caught.

In a pitchless place without light, the lightning looks like a sparkling firework.

Go to the ground ...

Explosive light illuminates the surroundings like daytime.

This is taking photographs of natural photographs and movies such as lightning workTom WarnerWas photographed with a high speed camera following the storm with my daughter on July 12, 2015. In addition to this, Mr. Warner has released a movie using 7207 lightning strokes in 1 second, so you can see clearly how the lightning runs in the sky while branching.

Lightning captured at 7, 207 images per second on Vimeo

Below is a picture showing storm changes at high speed, linking more than 100,000 storm pictures taken in 5 years.

Pour Down Thy Weather on Vimeo

Also, on the website you can see not only lightning bolts and storms, but also beautiful starry skies and the streets of the world.


It seems to come out to the castle in the skySupercellYa


Sky full of stars and so on.

In addition, the appearance of a special car equipped with various equipment actually used for shooting has also been released and it is very interesting.

ZT Research - warnerimages

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