5 tips to maximize concentration


I wish I could focus on work and study all the time, but what I can not do is human beings. There are five tips to effectively return to work when you are having trouble concentrating hard.

On the side that you have to concentrate, you tend to keep yourself in trouble, but when you do that, you will exhaust both your energy and your physical strength. It seems that those who take moderate rest and stop and think once, seem to be able to proceed things smoothly as a result.

The five tricks to maximize concentration are from the following.Seven Secrets for Maximizing Your Concentration Skills - by Dumb Little Man

1: Find the purpose of work

It is difficult to stay focused all the way through the whole time, and I will get bored and irritated by all means. Then, please check why you are doing the work now.

For example, suppose you are writing an application form to obtain permission to use the company's budget. Writing an application form itself may be troublesome, but the reason for creating it is very important. As another example, suppose that you are studying for special qualifications. I think that solving reference books seems amusing, but if you pass the exam, you should be one step closer to the job of your yearning.

If you have a solid purpose, your motivation for work will rise, and concentration will continue even if you are more motivated.

2: Plan before you start things

Although I was working on some work, I think that anyone experiencing embarrassed as to how overwhelmed the amount of work or how to proceed. It does not look over the whole thing that is about to be tried, it is directly to the individual work.

If you are tackling a big project or completely new content, please take a few minutes to think about how to proceed with your work. There are various things to consider beforehand, such as what work you need to do first, what information is missing at the moment, and which work should be assigned to whom.

If you plan ahead, it will be much easier to proceed smoothly. Conversely, if you do not make a plan, you will have to stop to think about what to do next in the middle of the work, and you will sharply concentrate your concentration. Also, careful e-mail checking and surfing is necessary because it is easy to interrupt work and disrupt your concentration.

3: Take a regular rest

There are a lot of people who continue to work for hours by staring at the Desk and gazing at the screen of the computer as they stare at the screen of the desk so much that they are going to concentrate. However, it is much more efficient to take a short break periodically than these methods.

If you are really focused on work, it is not easy to concentrate more than about 45 minutes at a time, so you need to take a break to regain energy to the brain. Those who thought that they would concentrate on working for 3 hours and do not make a mistake every 10 minutes, rather than doing the rest, everyone who thought "If you work from 30 minutes to an hour you get a break" is easier and the work proceeds faster I will.

4: Prepare an environment that can concentrate

Whether it's an office or a study at home, it is important to gain a way to appeal that you are concentrating on people around you, no matter where you work. For example, when reading a book at home, if I tell my family "I will read for an hour from now," they think that they will leave them without talking to me for a while.

In addition, although it depends on the atmosphere of the company in the company, if you are allowed to work with headphones or earphones in the office, you can send a quiet message saying "Please do not talk to my colleagues" when you are allowed.

5: Dinner is served with belly buttons

It is difficult to concentrate in a state where you are hungry enough to make a sound with goo goo. If your blood sugar level is low, your attention becomes distracting and irritated.

Hunger is an enemy of concentration, but please do not eat a full stomach full of lunch by all means. If you eat too much in the middle of the day, it will be lax while working from the afternoon and you will not be working backward instead of concentrating.

For those who routinely get lost in the afternoon try dividing the meals into small pieces and eating at intervals. It is recommended that you leave lunch for sandwiches and salads, and pinch the bar type granola and fruits at 3 pm.

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