Four advices for those who exercise will not become habits by all means

While thinking as a habit to exercise as a first step towards health, the advice that you want people to read is repeatedly introduced to those who are frustrated in the middle of the road many times.

It is better not to give up with saying "I'm not good at exercise" in a bite, trying out various factors such as exercise situation, content, place, and searching for something that suits me.

Four advice for people who want to continue exercise is from the following.How to Turn Exercise Into Something You Love - by Dumb Little Man

1: Type of exercise

For example, if you dislike jogging, you do not have to do it. Perhaps it sounds too simple, but I guess many people are forced to think about it, thinking that they should "do it" with the spirit of suffering from the good drug mouth even if they dislikes truly.

Certainly, there are many benefits of poor exercise better calorie consumption efficiency and easy muscle attachment. But more important than that is whether you can enjoy yourself and stay for a long time. I will do exercise to live a healthy life, I do not do it to struggle to suffer.

There are so many kinds of exercise, so let's find what you like. There is nothing to mention such as swimming, walking, cycling, fencing, trampoline, and grass baseball. It is also good to try various things and discover what you enjoy.

2: Time to exercise

Even if we decide to exercise at 6 o'clock early in the morning aiming for a healthy life, if you seem to be on the bed until around 7:30 am will be far from achieving your goal. If it is painful to have breath exhilarating in the white dawn, it is impossible for the exercise to last long. It is more efficient to search time zones that allow you to enjoy exercising in the day rather than forcibly exercising in the dawn.

For example, if you spend your lunch break, you can get out of the office by exercising and it will be a good change. Or maybe you can try exercising in your daily life. It is a good way to change to a bicycle or walk as much as possible if it is going to be more mobile by car. It is not to exercise in chores like chores, but to feel like having secured time for myself and looking for a time zone in which you can feel at ease.

3: Where to exercise

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There are lots of gyms in town because there are many people who think that there is comfort. While listening to music, you can train with high quality equipment and keep motivation by the presence of instructors and gym friends.

However, although overwhelmed by such situations, I tried to register for Jim 's membership, but some people may have experienced that they are getting uncomfortable and their feet getting farther away ...... Although longing for the situation of exercising at the gym, it is impossible to adapt to the field, and as a result it is wasteful to feel frustrated by exercise itself. Even if you do not use a gym, you can do as much exercise as you want.

You may be able to concentrate on exercising at home while watching the training DVD, or if you want to exercise using equipment, you can also find used items at a relatively inexpensive price. Of course, running and cycling outdoors is also a popular and good way.

4: Exercising partner

It is a good idea to consider exercise as "time to do something by yourself", but sometimes motivation is raised by doing with friends. Moreover, the range of choice also expands for competitions that can not be done by one person, and even those exercises that can be done by one person such as cycling, may be able to enjoy the person who had a friend.

However, the partner is about the same exercise ability as yourself, and it seems that those who do not stick to the game are more likely to last long.

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