Lack of exercise is a source of all kinds of diseases, excuses of people who withdraw from home all day on holidays and how to deal with it


As Golden week begins, I think many people have entered long-term consecutive holidays, but I guess I have stayed alone in my house because of my vacation.

It is a holiday to heal the tired everyday and to do things you can not do normally, but as soon as you are retracted your body gets stuck and your physical strength and physical strength acting on holidays will be sucked away instead. Those who remember empathy by looking at excuses that a withdrawal lover would tend to talk about, it would be better to make efforts to move the body a little.

Excuse a person who does not exercise at all tends to talk, and advice to solve the lack of exercise are as follows.Five Ridiculous Reasons Why You're a Couch Potato - by Dumb Little Man

1: "I do not have much time"

As time passes soon when trying to clean up what can not be done on weekdays on a day off, it is reasonable to say that no time is available. Certainly it may be difficult to go to the gym and sweat for about 1 to 2 hours.

But do not you have enough time to take a walk for about 20 minutes after eating lunch? People who lie on the sofa all day, hiding in a good excuse for not having time, should be able to do light stretching when it comes to the time of commercials on TV. Let's move the body from the place where it is first, not all ideas.

2: "I'm not good at exercising"

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People who are not good at exercising tend to be stupid in their classmates or feeling a sense of inferiority as a student, increasing their awareness. However, because you can not exercise well, you do not have to stop moving your body, thinking it is painful.

Of course, exercise content does not have to be the same as school physical education time. I use unexpected labor to put a vacuum cleaner in my room at home or to iron a shirt. Also, you should feel comfortable walking around the nature's rich promenade and so on.

It is better to try out various things such as swimming and trampoline rather than keeping a certain exercise obliged by obligation and continuing on what you think is fun.

3: "You already have a good deal on work and study ...."


People who lie on a sofa or bed as soon as they get home from work will find it difficult to burn their desire to go jogging without falling asleep. Certainly halfway exercise may rather cause fatigue but if you move your body properly, you should get a feeling that your body will be clearer and physical strength will come back.

To say "I am too tired" is almost the same as saying "I am lazy." If it is difficult to exercise at night, you can do it in the morning and lunch time, if you do it in time suitable for you. Also, if it is a distance that allows workplaces and schools to commute to work by bicycle, switching from the train will change the traveling time to the exercise time as it is.

4: "Because I'm fat, it's quite hard to exercise by myself"

Even for each person, if you become conscious that you are fat, you will be ashamed to be able to see someone exercising, rather than really being scrapped.

Or, on the contrary, it may be frustrating to do exercise with a high load because it is fat, but then it will be quite difficult to make it last long. Even if you just habit to walk around a whole area around the house, your body will start to move little by little, so you should start with a light exercise first.

If you feel that it is hard to work on the exercise with shame, if you do not forcibly go out or go to the gym, procure exercise equipment that you get cheaply, such as light iron arrays or rope jumping at home Please try exercising.

5: "Oh no, it's noisy, I do not want to go outside anyway!"


The feeling that exercising is a struggle is still persistent, and it is human beings dragged by easy people.

However, once you start exercise once you raise your heavy back, it will be pretty fun. Although it is hard to overlook desire to pursue, please realize the pleasure of exercising and try learning a healthy lifestyle little by little.

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