Easy way to sleep for people who can not sleep easily

People who suffered from insomnia who took a long time to sleep, though easy to awaken, feeling resting at night did not rely on sleeping pills, etc., and ten methods that were effective in the way we tried until now About the announcement on the net. There is a difference in degree of effect depending on the person, but it may not be bad to try.

Details are as below.
10 Foolproof Tips for Better Sleep - Dumb Little Man

1. Do not worry if you can not sleep well
Advice to say that you should not worry about what you could not sleep so much. To get into a vicious cycle where you become negative as the mind begins to care about what you could not sleep so much and you can not sleep more and more.

2. Do not force yourself to sleep
Let's sleep Sleeping becomes harder, the more I want to sleep.

3. Go to bed only when you are really tired and sleepy

4. Do not watch the alarm clock at night
Anxiety is accelerated when you see an alarm clock, it becomes obsessive with respect to time, so it seems better not to see it.

5. Warm your body
According to several studies, it is easy to sleep when body warms by action such as getting on hot water.

6. Avoid oversleeping
It seems that it will become difficult to sleep at night as the body clock is reset when continuing to oversleep due to difficulty sleeping.

7. to have sex
It seems that sleep becomes easier by relaxing stress by relaxing sex, body relaxing, and chemical substance that makes you feel more happy.

8. Do not drink to sleep
It is said that you should not drink alcohol late at night. For the first time, alcohol has the effect of sedation but as a result it will have the effect of interfering with sleep. It seems superstitious to have better sleep if you drink alcohol.

9. Do not use bedroom or bed except to sleep and sex
He said he should not use it for watching television, eating something, reading books. Certainly there are people who can sleep by doing these things, but in the case of a person who is hard to fall asleep in the first place, it seems that the brain gets to feel like "This is not a place to sleep" and it gets to wake up.

10. Do not take a nap
If you are suffering from insomnia, you should not try to take a nap. Because, if you want to sleep at night you will be unable to sleep after a nap.

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