10 Easy Ways to Sleep For Those Who Can't Sleep

10 methods that have been effective for people who suffer from insomnia that it takes a long time to sleep, it is easy to wake up, and it does not feel like resting at night, without resorting to sleeping pills etc. Is announced on the net. The degree of effect varies from person to person, but it may not be a bad idea to try it.

Details are as below.
10 Foolproof Tips for Better Sleep --Dumb Little Man

1. Don't worry if you can't sleep well
Advice that you shouldn't think that you couldn't sleep much. When I start to worry about not being able to sleep much, my mood becomes negative and I fall into a vicious circle where I can't sleep more and more.

2. Don't force yourself to sleep
The more I try to sleep, the harder it is to sleep.

3. Go to bed only when you are really tired and sleepy

4. Don't look at the alarm clock at night
Looking at the alarm clock accelerates anxiety and makes you obsessive about time, so you shouldn't look at it.

5. Warm the body
According to some studies, it is easy to get a good night's sleep when the body warms up due to actions such as soaking in hot water.

6. Avoid oversleeping
If you continue to sleep because you can't sleep easily, your body clock will be reset and it will be difficult to sleep at night.

7. Have sex
It is said that having sex relieves stress, relaxes the body, and releases chemical substances that make you feel happy, which makes it easier to sleep.

8. Don't drink to sleep
It seems that you should not drink alcohol late at night. Alcohol has a sedative effect at first, but as a result, it has an effect of disturbing sleep. It is a superstition that drinking alcohol makes it easier to sleep.

9. Don't use your bedroom or bed other than sleeping and having sex
It should not be used for watching TV, eating something, or reading a book. Certainly, some people can sleep by doing these things, but for those who have difficulty sleeping in the first place, it seems that their brains feel that 'this is not a place to sleep' and they wake up.

10. Don't take a nap
If you are suffering from insomnia, don't try to take a nap. Because if you want to sleep at night but take a nap, you will not be able to sleep later.

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