Six eating habits to know to sleep with Suyazya every evening

To summarize what you should not do when you eat before going to bed, "Just before going to bed, eat lots of oily and spicy meat meals, drinking. Drink coffee for shime and drink a lot of water just before going to bed, then smoke a cigarette at the bedsideIt means that it is the best in the reverse sense.

Because I die when I repeat such a life, I tried to list items that I should pay attention to mainly on meals to sleep and live healthily.

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1: Sleepy friends · going out with a late night snack

Although the image that fattening is easy when eating late meal is established, a small amount of late-night meal has a good effect on sleep, especially for people with insomnia tendency. Let's devise a night snack before relying on sleeping pills because it is bad sleeping.

If you eat the night supper until you are full, or eat greasy or spicy things, the opposite effect. Food containing a large amount of protein, such as a lot of greasy steaks that take time to digest, should be reduced if you eat. Because it is preferable to ingest carbohydrates and dairy products at once in the evening meal, a combination of milk-cereal cereal, yoghurt and crackers, bread and cheese is recommended.

2: Milk before sleep invites sleep

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I often hear that you can sleep well when you drink hot milk before going to bed, but that is because amino acids contained in milk "TryptophanIt is said to be due to. "Tryptophan" is also included in eggs and honey bananas, so try adding honey to hot milk, mixing milk and eggs into a milkshake, or mixing bananas and milk into a banana shake is more effective It should be.

3: Avoid junk food

At first I mentioned that greasy food should be avoided, but not limited to midnight snacksSleeping is inhibited when eating fatty foodsThere is also research result that. There are no good things such as you can not sleep well on fat as you eat just junk food.

The toxicity of junk food has been pointed out in the studyTherefore, once you know its taste, there are parts that can not be helped by temptation, but you should keep it to the extent that you can eat it occasionally.

4: Attention to caffeine contained in surprising thing

There are many people who avoid coffee because they will take caffeine before going to bed, but unexpectedly even caffeine may be included even if it is a drink other than coffee.Tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee beans. However, since the amount of leaves and beans used for putting hot water into a state that can be drunk is different,The amount of caffeine contained in tea liquid is less than coffee. In addition, included in black teaTheanineInhibited the action of caffeine, in the hot waterTanninAnd is taken into the body,Caffeine's arousal effect is less likely to occur than coffeeIt is said.

Also, although cocoa has an image to be drunk in milk before going to bed, although it is a trace amount compared to coffee and teaCaffeine is included. Living without taking caffeine at all is an ascetic condition for many people, but it is a place I want to avoid only before going to bed.

If you really want to drink coffee before going to bed, the flavor will be somewhat lower, but you should drink caffeiness coffee instead. As a thing that is easy to obtain in Japan, "Nescafe Gold Blend Caffeiness"there is. I made a cafe au lait and drank it in the middle of the night, but as I experienced hot milk which did not contain anything, it was almost the same as I experienced when I drank hot milk, and I felt asleep. Also for teaCaffeine-lessAs there are items of tea party, people in the tea party seem to be able to sleep more deeply when trying these items.

Also, as a headache medicine etc.Anhydrous caffeineAnd it has an effect to bring about an arousal effect, so it is better not to drink as much as possible 4 to 6 hours before sleeping. HoweverHeadache medicine should be drunk at the beginning of the pain, the pain will be stronger and it will be less effectiveSo, if you feel a sign of headache, you should be much better than those who drank without endurance can not sleep with a headache.

5: Cigarette and sleeping are stopped

People who have a habit of drinking before going to bed know that it is a pleasant floating feeling when they drink alcohol and feel comfortable falling asleep. In fact, however, because sleep is shallow, it happens at times that should not be woken up, or it induces a headache, which has an adverse effect on sleep.

As with caffeine, liquor is better not to drink 4 to 6 hours before going to bed. However, when it is inevitable for social work, etc., it is necessary to set as early as possible, or to drink a glass of water every time you drink a cup, you need to devise to make your alcohol absorption gentle. In a scene where it is awkward to suddenly ask for water at a drinking party place ....If you drink milk in advance, alcohol absorption slows downSo, if you keep in advance, you can prevent adverse effects on sleep.

6: After 8 o'clock night, conserve water intake


If you drink plenty of water it is healthy.It is said,A study result that it can be lost if you drink 2 cups of water before mealsI also understand the feeling that I want to drink water all the time. However, even before going to bed, if you drink plenty of water you will want to go to the bathroom and wake up and sleep is hindered. It seems as if to tell a child, but beware that taking too much moisture after 8 o'clock in the evening.

However, do not forget toothpaste. Even if you get a sleep in the evening mealTooth decay, gingivitis, alveolar pyorrhea, etc., and the life span is shortenedSo do not forget to brush yourself before going to bed.

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