Seven measures for waking up without a coffee

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When you wake up in the morning and drink coffee, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and it can be awakened and patchy. But how do you know if you do not drink coffee or do not want to take too much caffeine? A movie that answers scientifically with illustration to such a question is "7 Tips To Wake Up Without Coffee"is.

7 Tips To Wake Up Without Coffee - YouTube

◆ 1: Taking a morning sun
When the human brain gets darkMelatoninThe amount of secretion is increased, and when it gets lighter, melatonin is decreasing. Because the body clock of the day and night is adjusted by the amount of secretion of melatonin, by opening the curtain immediately after getting up and taking the morning sun, the increased melatonin decreases during the night and awakens the body physiologically can do. If you have to wake up outside in a dark period of time, it is effective to use an alarm clock that will wake up with light.

◆ 2: Taking a shower with cold water
One studyShows that the field responsible for arousal of the brain is activated by exposing herself to cold water and it has a function to feel vigilant. It also has the effect of improving the metabolism by chilling in cold water, it is expected that waste products are easy to be discharged and the effect of reducing fatigue can be expected.

◆ 3: firmly hydrated
More than 60% of the human body is made of moisture, but moisture escapes from the body due to perspiration / breathing while sleeping and urination / defecation after getting up.One study, It has been confirmed that even in a light dehydrated state the arousal level decreases and the drowsiness increases and from the increase in fatigue feeling, a negative influence also occurs in the mental aspect. These physiological phenomena can be improved by drinking a cup of water after getting up. Since the effects of physiological phenomena due to dehydration are the same during the day, you can sustain your awake state all day long by "Drinking water thoroughly when thirsty".

◆ 4: Healthy breakfast
One studyAccording to me, I know that after having breakfast it tends to be awake. It is important to take a breakfast tightly, but the breakfast menu is better for foods rich in dietary fiber like oatmeal than for foods with a lot of sugar like donutsTo last longerAnd that.

◆ 5: drink orange juice
Citrus fruits such as oranges are "FlavonoidIt contains a rich variety of polyphenols called. Flavonoids are said to have an effect to weaken cognitive decline,One studyThe orange juice rich in flavonoids was given to subjects along with placebo, improvement of alertness and cognitive function was confirmed.

◆ 6: Do exercise
Exercise increases blood flow, and brain receives more oxygen. This has the effect of improving cognitive ability and improving mental state. For students who exercise well and those who do not exercise so much, studies showing that students who exercise well are higher in grades have also been published. By moving your body in the morning, you will be able to improve your cognitive ability and make your day comfortable.

◆ 7: Listen to music
It is a chemical substance that improves your mood by listening to musicDopamineWill be released and an effect to encourage awakening can be expected. In order to activate a part of the brain, it is good to wake up with a playlist of a favorite song.

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