Why do you feel like going to the toilet when you get tense?


Until then, despite not wanting to go to the toilet, people tend to suddenly want to go to the toilet when they are nervous, such as before a big presentation. Why do people want to go to the toilet when they feel tense or uneasy? And, I wanted to go to the toilet, there was no toilet in the nearby way to cope with the science mediaLive ScienceIt is summarized.

Why Do You Have to Pee When You're Nervous?

When a person is not in tension or anxiety, the bladder will accept the urine sent from the kidney in a relaxed state. On the other hand, urine is prevented from spilling out by hardly closing the external sphincter of the bladder.

It is said that healthy bladder can catch approximately 470 ml of urine. When the bladder becomes full, a person sends a signal to the brain through the spine from the bladder, so that the person aware that "the bladder has been filled". And when a person goes to the toilet, the bladder who receives the signal "Ready" contracts, the external sphincter muscles, and urination is done.

It is because the necessity of urination is controlled by elements such as nerve, brain, and emotions that pass through the spinal cord, because people who want to go to the toilet when they are nervous, but not all the mechanisms are elucidated. However, according to Professor Tom Chi who conducts urology research at the University of California, there are two hypotheses about the mechanism that people want to urinate from tension.

When people have tension and anxiety,Do you fight or run away?Because it becomes mode, it becomes a state of tension. The state of tension in which a large amount of adrenaline is released causes the person to feel the necessity to release himself, and relaxes the bladder. In addition, it is said that kidney will increase the production of urine when receiving adrenaline release.

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There is also the theory that the muscles of the whole body become tense by having anxiety, and urinality is held by muscles of bladder which is one of them becoming strained.

Professor Chi says, "If you intend to get urinative in an uneasy state and you can not rush into the toilet immediately, please divert your attention or meditate and unravel your mind and muscle tension."

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