What is the reason why you are tired all the time?

Although it should not be sleep deprivation, there are times when you are tired or yawn for some reason during the day. What is the cause of this fatigue? That's why YouTube's science channel AsapSCIENCE is pressing about the various possibilities that cause fatigue, such as lack of exercise, lack of moisture, social jet lag and so on.

Why Are You Always Tired? - YouTube

The reason why people are tired is not only in sleeping time but also in disorder of eating habits and less exercise.

Previous studies have reported that subjects have become more energetic than before as a result of continuing two to three exercises a week for 6 weeks ... ...

It has been found that by exercising you can improve sleep quality without increasing sleeping time.

However, it may be due to the coffee who is drinking during the day, who thinks that you can not sleep because you are exercising on a daily basis.Coffee is good for healthAlthough there are many research results showing that that caffeine contained in coffee can interfere with sleeping.

Substance of brainAdenosineIt accumulates during the day and induces sleep at night, but caffeine suppresses the action of adenosine.

Therefore, it is said that sleep quality falls when you drink coffee or energy drinks within 6 hours before sleeping.

As a result, those who did not take caffeine within 6 hours before sleeping are not tired when they wake up in the morning, but people who took caffeine feel tired when they get up in the morning.

Also, water shortage is also related to fatigue. In one study it seems that it will be difficult for people to concentrate when the water in the body drops 1.5% from the standard level. This is because the blood becomes darker and the speed of feeding nutrients and oxygen to muscles and organs drops.

On the other hand, I feel thirst when the moisture level falls by 2%.

It is not necessary to forcibly drink water, but taking a small amount of water throughout the day will help to get tired. There is no problem when the urine is yellow, but if the color is dark it is a sign of lack of water.

Also, if you consume alcohol before going to bed, your sleeping will be faster ......

The quality of sleep, especially the quality from 3 am to 8 am is said to be bad. Also, research has shown that time for REM sleep decreases

Some people may say that drinking alcohol on weekends, binge ups and getting up late in the morning may be delayed, but it is also important to keep the same sleep schedule for weekdays and weekends in order to avoid getting tired.

And it is also a point to take a 20 minute nap during the day. With a time of 20 minutes you can take a deep sleep and rest your body without getting to sleep at night, so you can wake up cleanly on Monday morning.

The state of the mind also has a big influence on fatigue. If you worry too much about what people think about yourself and the decision you have made, it will exhaust the body. ExhaustionAnxiety disorderIt is also one of the symptoms.

Likewise, depression also causes physical and mental exhaustion, sometimes becoming insomnia. In the United States it is said that 10% of the people are in depression, and if you think that you are depressed it is recommended that your doctor take it.

Or, the reason why you can not sleep at night is simply because you are a night type. Generally, it is said that about 20% of the people are night type.

However, researchers think that these people are suffering from "social jet lag" as our world is moving on the basis of the activity time from 9 am to 5 pm. It is because social time and inconsistency of biological watches causes discomfort to the body.

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