Why can not I get up early in the morning & sleep till late? Explain the reason / cause scientifically

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For those with a hard awakening in the morning, a person who gets up at 5 o'clock per day may seem strange every morning, but in fact the people who can get up early are living a productive life.

However, those who can not get up early in the morning are simply not "getting oversleep".

Studies on sleep have revealed that human sleeping time is inscribed in DNA.

Each human has a unique body clock, but the time of the biological clock does not fit exactly with other people.

Because the gene "Chrono type"Is different from each one, as this will determine sleep patterns such as morning and evening.

By studying the human chrono type and analyzing the sleep patterns on weekdays and holidays, it turned out that the average sleeping hours of human holidays are from 23 o'clock to 7 o'clock.

However, some people fall out of the average, sleep early in the night, or go to bed late in the morning.

People who are out of the average sleeping pattern are feeling as if jet lag is occurring every morning.

People who have an average sleeping pattern of sleeping from 23 o'clock to 7 o'clock on holidays have the same sleeping hours on weekdays and on holidays, and sleeping time fits the social schedule.

However, a person staying up late has a short sleeping time on weekdays and a long sleep on holidays.

As a result, weekdays after the holidays are attacked by drowsiness as if traveling across several time zones.

Regarding the reason why it will become a night owl type, we need to pay attention to the clock center in the brain.

The timepiece center of the milk is the "Suprachiasmatic nucleus(SCN) "which is a bunch of neurons.

A person with a general biological clock got around 21 o'clock, and the top of the suprachiasmatic nucleusPineal glandTo the sleep-related hormone "MelatoninIn order to issue orders to secrete ... ...

I get gradually sleepy around 21 o'clock.

At around 22:30, the intestines stops movement of bowel movements.

The body temperature will be lowest at around 4:30 the next morning ... ...

Blood pressure will be highest around 6:45.

A series of sleep cycles will allow you to act most actively around 10 o'clock.

However, people with night type chrono type all these movements are shifted several hours at a time. There is almost no way to fix the gap.

Because inside the neuron constituting the suprachiasmatic nucleus is "Clock geneThere is a gene called "..."

Because clock genes accurately secrete protein every 24 hours and determine the body clock.

Scientists who have studied families with the entire family at a very early age have ascertained that mutation occurs in some of the clock genes.

A similar mutation is also occurring in the suprachiasmatic nuclei of some hamsters.

However, when we transplanted the ordinary hamster's suprachiasmatic nucleus to a hamster that caused mutation in the suprachiasmatic nucleus and became extremely fast in the bedroom ... ...

The hamster's sleeping time has not changed, and the result of research that sleeps early in the evening has come out.

Because the body clock of mammals does not exist only in the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

Not only the brain but also all the cells incorporate a small body clock.

In other words, since the early-rising hamster has an early-rising body clock also in other organs, sleep patterns do not change by merely transplanting the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

It is almost impossible for people of the evening type to live early in accordance with the social schedule because explanations will be attached to "Because the biological clock is decided by genetically born genes".

People with night type chronotype are forced to act according to the social schedule and tend to be a heavy smoker to eliminate depressed mood.

Some people tend to lie asleep late, but some people simply can not get up with laziness, others are misunderstood as lazy personality. It is not that it can not happen simply because of the unpleasantness that happens, "that some people can not get up due to genes".

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