It turns out that sleeping on holidays and staying up late makes a body that is easy to gain weight, what is the reason?


Some people say that they do not set an alarm clock on the morning of the weekend but want to sleep slowly until around noon, but in addition to being prone to problems of metabolic function if waking time and sleep cycles fall apart everyday, It is newly clarified that.

Sleeping in on weekends linked to health problems | Ars Technica

Past research suggests that if sleep deprivation continues, various health conditionsAdverse effects occurIt is clear that it is the first time that the research results announced by Pittsburgh University were the first time that it turned out that irregular sleep caused problems in metabolic function. Those who are staying up late at night on holidays or those who do not have a constant daily sleeping time,Insulin resistanceIt has become clear that problems such as metabolic function are liable to occur, such as onset of symptoms or increase in BMI. In addition, long-term living without taking regular sleep, long-term illness such as heart disease and diabetes is likely to occur.

In order to investigate the influence of sleeping time on health condition, at the University of Pittsburgh, we conducted an experiment to record health condition, sleep cycle, meal etc. for 447 middle-aged people. The subjects wore a wristband type accelerometer "Actiwatch - 16" for monitoring the movement of the body for 24 hours and accurate sleep time was recorded over 7 days.

As a result of the experiment, among the 447 subjects, there was no one who said "the sleeping hours on weekdays and holidays are exactly the same", and all of them are in the symptoms of "social jet lag" It turned out. Analysis of the sleeping time of all the subjects found that 85% of the subjects found a tendency that "holidays are occurring later than weekday". On average, the difference between waking time on holidays and on weekdays was 44 minutes, and some of the subjects said that some people took "sleeping hours two to three hours more on holidays to compensate for sleep deprivation on weekdays" .


According to the research team at the University of Pittsburgh, people who take different sleep patterns on weekdays and holidays will be out of sync with other body cycles as a result of the biological clock becoming crazy. For example, fat accumulation in the cell, absorption of nutrients in the intestines, insulin secretion function of the liver and pancreas all move with a periodic rhythm, but only the cycle of metabolism shifts, resulting in the constitution becoming overweight as a result .

Furthermore, we found that the more you open the difference in sleeping hours between weekdays and holidays, the more likely you are to develop a disease of metabolic function. When the difference in sleeping time opens, the amount of fat in the blood increases, susceptibility to insulin resistance, thickening around the waist, blood pressure rising, good health cholesterol decreases, health damage occurs .

In order to eliminate social jet lag, it is important not only to maintain a constant sleep cycle but also to exercise, calories, alcohol intake, etc.Eating habitIt is recommended that you live a healthy life by paying attention to it.

ByRaúl González

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