The body clock that decides whether "night type person" or "morning type human" is already set before it was born


"Night type man chooses a means for narcissist · psychopathy · purposeIt is said, "When you become a morning person you can demonstrate creative talentSleeping patterns are deeply involved in our lives and productivity. This creates a difference between "night type human" or "morning person"Biological clockIt seems that the mechanism of it is inherited from ancient times at the genetic level.

Scientists Think Your Body Clock Was Set Before You Were Born - Adrienne LaFrance - The Atlantic

What is responsible for the human body clock is in a position sandwiched between the left and right brainsSuprachiasmatic nucleusIt is a small nucleus gathered by nerve cells called "Shu shou". This small nerve bulge is based on information received from the retinaPineal glandSending information to, the pineal gland is one of the hormonesMelatoninIt plays a role of inscribing the rough rhythm of the body by secreting it.

Although it is thought that the difference between "morning person" and "night person" is caused by the difference in the function of the suprachiasmatic nucleus,Johns Hopkins UniversityDr. Seth · Blackshow, who studies cranial nerve sciences with "I believe that this mechanism is inherited from ancient creatures at the genetic level.

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It is a sleeping disorder that plagues a lot of people and is becoming a social problem, but we know that trend changes with age. Dr. Blackshaw said about changes in this behavior pattern, "In the case of many people, most people become night type people when they are in their teens, but they gradually change to morning style as they age. The cause is not yet clearly understood, but the synchronicity of cells in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SynchronicityIt is clear that it decreases with age. "

In past research, it is known that the body of people working at night shift does not perfectly agree with the life pattern, and among people sending such a life pattern, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes There is a tendency that the probability of having a problem such as is high. Also,Another investigationThe results also pointed out that working at a midnight shift increases the risk of developing cancer and heart disease.

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Then, how does the signal emitted from the suprachiasmatic nucleus control the body clock? By manipulating the genes of the mouse, Dr. Blackshaw made a mouse that reduced the mechanism of sending a signal from the suprachiasmatic nucleus to the cells in the body and conducted experiments on how the behavioral pattern affected the mouse.

Then, as expected, the behavior of the mouse was disarrayed, but it was not simply the rhythm was disturbed, it seems that there are multiple in-house rhythms living together in one mouse It is said that another noteworthy point was seen.

"When we carefully observed the movement of the mouse, we found that there was a big problem," said Dr. Black Show. "Although you still have a Master Clock in your body, you can see a movement that your body does not synchronize well with it, you can also see the function of the body clock by light, When I observed it by putting it in the darkness, I found that the body clock was extremely disturbed. "

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In addition, Dr. Blackshaw said that the same can be said to people whose lifestyle patterns are disturbed, "The things that the small suprachiasmatic nucleus controls are not only limited to metabolism, but also the recognition of the mood and brain It affects functions, memories, manic depression, and fertility, "suggesting that the scope of the problem is broad.

Then why is there a different body rhythm in the body of the living being than the one created by the suprachiasmatic nucleus? Dr. Blackshaw said this is "Redundancy"I think that it is like" insurance "that an organism gained in the process of evolution.

We know that biological clocks can also be seen in the more primitive living things, single-celled organisms. Dr. Black Show, "Blue-green algaeThere is a mechanism to control the biological clock even for primitive single cell organisms like Ranso, and the mechanism of carving the in-body rhythm that we have is a mechanism burned deeply in genes, " I talked about the fundamental system that has been formed in the process of evolution from.

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