How will behavior that happens to drift while sleeping happen?

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Many people have experiences surprised when their body suddenly moved when they are sleeping on the desk and are standing while standing on a train. This movement is "JerkingTom Stafford, who is a lecturer of psychology and cognitive science at the University of Sheffield in the UK, answers the question why jerking occurs during sleep.

BBC - Future - Why your body jerks before you fall asleep

People who are sleeping are in a state where their bodies are "paralyzed". Even when I am dreaming very clearly, the muscles are still loose, and the excitement that is occurring in the brain rarely appears in the movement of the body. People while sleeping are often in a state of shutting out the events of the outside world, so even if you break open the eyelids of a sleeping person and hit the light, the influence on the content of the dream There is little to give.

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Nonetheless, it is not completely closed between the person who is dreaming and the outside world. "Rapid Eye Movement (REM)" and "Jerking" that occur during sleep are the movements of the body that can see the sleeping person's work from the outside.

The most common movement when sleeping is,REM sleepTo be related toRapid eye movement(Rapid Eye Movement:REM)is. REM is an eye movement according to what you are dreaming while watching a dream, for example if you are watching a tennis game with a dream, your eyes move to the right as you follow the volley of tennis I will. Movement of eyes that responded in the world of dreams evades paralysis during sleep and appears in the movement of reality. The movement of the eyes of a sleeping person is an easy-to-understand sign that is dreaming.

In contrast, jerking has a different mechanism. Unlike REM, Jerking does not reflect the contents of a dream, so even if you are riding a bicycle in a dream, your leg does not actually move like a pedal. Jerking goes beyond the act of paralyzing the movement of the brain during sleep and governs the movement of the bodyMotor systemIt is due to the action of moving the body directly.

There is no such thing as "ON / OFF switch" responsible for sleeping in the human brain, and there is a mechanism that balances two conflicting systems that control arousal state and sleeping state. The system that controls the arousal state is a system that controls the arousal stateReticular energizing systemIt is a nerve cell network called "human being is awake" when it is active actively.

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On the other hand, the system that controls sleep is "Abdominal lateral septal pronucleusOrVLPOIt is called. Since the VLPO is located near the optic nerve, it is thought that it is influencing the sleep cycle by collecting information on the beginning and the end of the daytime time by sensing the sun's light.

When a human falls asleep, the brain begins to fight with "reticulated activation system" trying to maintain arousal state and "VLPO" to control drowsiness, when the VLPO becomes dominant, the paralysis of sleep begins . Although the work following this has not been clarified yet, it is thought that jerking occurs when the control of the exercise system is not completely stopped. In other words, jerking can be thought of as the "last postcard" of daytime activities that occur before entering a sleeping state.

There are also people reporting that Jacking is falling down in a dream or being stumbled. This is an example of a phenomenon called "dream incorporation", for example a thing like an alarm clock is built into a dream. When this happens, the brain shows an amazing ability to create reasonable dreams according to the situation. The brain's anticipated and planned parts are suppressed, and it turns out that jazz musicians make a round of correspondence according to the performances of the co-stars, and that the mind shows flexible responses according to the progress of the dream.

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