Why do some women reach orgasm even while sleeping?


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Unlike men, for whom there is solid evidence, the only evidence that women experience orgasm in their dreams is memory, so some people are skeptical about women having orgasms during sleep. However, previous research has revealed that even sleeping women can feel orgasm despite no physical contact, and Fusion explains how it works.

Science explains why some women orgasm in their sleep | Fusion

It was in 1983 that it was discovered that ``women reach orgasm in dreams.'' When researchers observed changes in a woman's body during sleep, they suddenly noticed that her heart rate increased from 50 to 100 beats per minute, and her breathing went from 12 to 22 breaths per minute. to an increasing state. At this time, a significant increase in blood flow in the vaginal area was also observed.

This is known as one of the first examples of measuring ``female orgasm during sleep,'' which was still rare at the time. Professor Barry Komisarak of Rutgers University has been investigating this ``non-genital orgasm'', that is, ``women can have an orgasm by thinking'', and has investigated what happens in the brain during orgasm. By mapping it, we discovered how women reach climax even when they are unconscious.

Professor Komisarak explains, ``When you are having an orgasm, all the major parts of your brain are activated. It's like a storm.'' Normally, people do not have moments when their entire brain is activated at once other than when they are at a sexual climax, and people often describe the moment of orgasm as ``My body felt like I was floating'' or ``I lost consciousness.'' This is why some people report that.

So why do orgasms occur during sleep even though no one is having physical contact? According to Professor Komisarak, the trigger is that ``the brain recognizes the increased blood flow near the clitoris during sleep as sexual stimulation.''

Furthermore, when Professor Komisarak gathered 10 women who said they could reach orgasm by thinking and observed how orgasms were induced without touching the genitals, he found that only orgasms caused by touching the genitals and thoughts. It turns out that the brain reactions caused by orgasms are almost the same. In other words, a sleeping woman recognizes the increase in blood flow near the clitoris as sexual stimulation, and her ``thoughts'' cause an orgasm without physical contact. In addition, like an orgasm caused by physical contact, an orgasm caused by thoughts causes an increase in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate, dilation of pupils, etc.

by Robert Shiple

Professor Komisarak was surprised to learn that when thoughts trigger an orgasm, the frontal cortex, which is responsible for cognitive functions, becomes activated. In other words, the brain reacts as if there was sexual contact, even though there is actually no sexual contact.

The human brain has a part called the ``sensory cortex'' that has a map of the person's body, and just like when you hold someone's hand, the hand part of the sensory cortex map is activated, so if there is contact with the clitoris, The clitoral part of the map becomes active. Women who reach orgasm by thinking alone can activate the clitoral part of the map just by thinking about it, even without actual contact, and it is thought that this action causes a reaction in the frontal cortex. .

According to psychologist and sex therapist Madeleine Castellanos, some women say they can experience orgasm in dreams but have never experienced it in real life. Because there are no elements to get upset about. Dreams can create the best conditions for you to experience orgasm, so some people find it easier to reach orgasm in dreams than in reality.

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