Why do women reach orgasm even while they are asleep?

ByGerardo Diego Ontiveros

Unlike men who have strong evidence, there is only evidence that women felt orgasm in their dreams, so some people are skeptical about the women's orgasm that is sleeping. However, studies so far have revealed that it is possible for women who are sleeping to feel orgasm even though there is no physical contact at all, and it is clear that the mechanismFusionIt explains.

Science explains why some women orgasm in their sleep | Fusion

It was in 1983 that "women reach orgasm in their dreams" was discovered. When one researcher is observing changes in the body of a woman during sleep, suddenly the woman's heart rate increases from 50 to 100 times per minute, breathing which was 12 times per minute goes to 22 times To increase state. Also, at this time, a marked rise in blood flow in the vagina was also observed.

This is known as one of the cases of measuring "female orgasm at sleep" which was still small at the time. Professor Barry Comisarak at Rutgers University is investigating that this "orgasm without a reproductive organs", "women can greet orgasm by thinking", and what is happening in the brain during orgasm By mapping, we clarified how unconscious women are caught in the culmination.

Professor Comisarak said, "When you feel orgasm, all major parts of the brain are activated, as if it were a storm." People usually do not have the moment when the whole brain is activated at one time except when they are in sexual climax, but the moment of feeling orgasm is called "the body seems to be floating" or "the consciousness disappears This is why some people report that.

So why is it that orgasm will occur while sleeping, even though no one is in physical contact. According to Professor Komisaraku, the trigger seems to be "to recognize that the blood flow around the clitoris becomes large when sleeping, that the brain recognizes it as a sexual stimulus."

In addition, Professor Komisarak gathered 10 women saying "I can reach orgasm by thinking" and observe how orgasm is caused without contact with genital organs, I found that only orgasm caused by contact with genitals and thinking It turns out that the reaction to the brain caused by the orgas caused by is almost the same. In other words, women in sleep recognize that the increase in blood flow to the vicinity of the clitoris is a sexual stimulus, and the orgasm is caused by physical thinking without physical contact. As for orgasm by thought as well as physical contact orgasm, rising blood pressure, heart rate increase, pupil dilatation, etc. occur.

ByRobert Shiple

Professor Komisarak was surprised at the fact that when the orgasm is caused by thinking, the frontal cortex, which is responsible for the cognitive function of the brain, is activated. In fact, despite the fact that there is no sexual contact, the brain responds as if there was contact.

In the human brain there is a part called "sensory cortex" which has a map of the person's body, so that when the hand is held with someone, the hand part of the map of the sensory cortex is activated, if there is contact with the clitoris The clitoral part of the map will be activated. A woman who reaches orgasm with only thought is considered to react to the frontal cortex by this action, as it is possible to activate the part of the clitoral part of the map by actually considering without contact .

According to Mr. Madraine Castanjanos who is a psychopathologist and sex therapist, there are also women who say "There is never felt the orgasm in dreams but I have never felt it in reality", but this is anxious in my dream And because I do not have elements to change my mind. In my dreams I can create the best situation where I can feel orgasm, so it seems that some people in dreams are more likely to reach orgasm than in reality.

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