Scientific comment on "Nazo of female orgasm" such that the whole brain becomes activated and becomes strangely lost

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Men can lead women to orgasm by touching their partners in the right way, but sometimes pain is given to women if they mistake the method. It is difficult to perfectly understand the structure of a woman's body and orgasm that is heterosexual to men, but the difference between male and female orgasm experiences such as "men become incongruous after the act"G spotThe secret of female orgasm, such as the existence of "is scientifically studied in the field of sex science, and it is described in detail.

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◆ The difference between male and female orgasm
Rutgers UniversityBarry KomisarukDr. is one of the researchers who study the difference between male and female orgasm. Mr. Komisaruk seems to persuade women to masturbate or sex in the MRI scanner to investigate the response of women during orgasm. According to Komisaruk, women explained that, in some people, the entire brain may be activated at the same time during orgasm and may be in a state of "cum" just as anything else can not be conceived It is.

It plays an important role in rewards and pleasures of the brainNucleus accumbensIs releasing dopamine, in experiments that let the rat select stimulation of the nucleus accumbens and food, it is known that rats continue to choose pleasure until starved to death. Since this part is a part activated by illegal drugs, caffeine, nicotine and chocolate besides sexual stimulation, the feeling of "wanting to get orgasm" is said to be a natural scientific reaction.

However, Komisaruk 's research team realized that there was a big difference between men and women after they had climax. While the activation of the female brain continues even after the orgasm, the male responds that immediately after orgasm, the brain's regional response to sensory stimulation of the genitals disappears. In other words, it is a physiological phenomenon that "men who have done acts do not carelessly" are physiological phenomena and that some women can enter "continuous orgasm" and can explain what men can not do Thing.

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◆ What part of orgasm can you feel?
Looking at the mechanism of orgasm anatomically, there is only one route that carries pleasure from male genital organs to the brain, but women have 3 to 4 routes. For this reason, women have different parts to pleasure by people, all women are more likely to reach orgasm in common,clitoris(Clitoris), 30 to 40% of women have never experienced orgasm due to stimulation in the vagina. Why is there a woman who reaches orgasm with pleasure from the same site and a woman who does not?

To clarify this mystery, Mr. Komisaruk said sex scientist Dr. Beverly Whipple,Study with a woman with spinal cord injuryWe did. A woman with spinal cord injury can not feel stimulation from the clitoris because the neural circuit from the spinal cord is blocked. On the other hand, the sensation of the vagina and neck remained, and it seems that women got orgasm by stimulation from the vagina. As a result of research on this subject, the stimulation from the clitoris is transmitted to the brain through the spinal cord, but the stimulation from the vagina leads from the outside of the spinal cord to the brainVagus nerveIt was found to be delivered from. It seems that women feel different feelings of clitoral and vaginal orgasm because the nerves that convey pleasures are different.

Also, as the orgasm from the vagina once the signal reaches the brain, the endorphin will be released, so it will be easier to feel stimulation afterwards. If there is a partner who has never felt orgasm by stimulation in the vagina, it is necessary to find a place where female orgasm is obtained.

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◆ Investigation of 'G spot' which is also called urban legend
Women are often cited for getting orgasm from the vaginaG spot". He is an obstetrician in GermanyErnst GreifenbergIn the coined word made after Mr. Greifenberg triggered as described as an erogenous zone in the front part of the vaginal wall immediately under the pubic bone. In a later study, sensory nerves are gathered around the G spot and it is said to be a remnant of the prostate which does not exist in womenSkene's glandI found. This finding shows that stimulation of G spot can cause "powerful orgasm", while at the same time it can release small amounts of urine or non-urine fluid.

Although it is a G spot which was also called "magical button" in some cases, it has been spread along with excessive effects and wrong knowledge, it is difficult to specify an accurate place, its existence is like a midium legend It was. In the study that collected nine vaginal orgasm experts and 11 inexperienced people in 2008, ultrasonic scanning examined the thickness of all the vaginal tissues of the vagina, but some of the experienced people also had thick tissue I heard that it was. Therefore, even if it is difficult to find the G spot, it does not mean there is a problem with the physical structure of the woman.

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Also, this study suggests that "G Spot" is not a specific part like a button. Although nobody was able to explain the exact location G spot, some researchers point out that "G spot is a clitoris." The clitoris usually refers to the "clitoris gland head" which is a compact bean-like protrusion near the genitals, but by the latest MRI study the whole clitorid spreads out of the vagina and is about 9 cm in length I know that it has a shape like a bulb. It has also been pointed out that the clitoris outside the vagina is responding by stimulation from the vagina and there is a possibility that the existence of the G spot may be covered from the root.

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