A new theory that dolphin clitoris exists to get 'pleasure in sex' like human beings appears

Like humans, dolphins are known to have sexual activity for purposes other than breeding, but female dolphins have clitoral-like organs that may function to obtain sexual pleasure. Gender has been shown by research.

Evidence of a functional clitoris in dolphins: Current Biology


An organ called the clitoris, which is found in all mammals, is thought to have the function of promoting ovulation and increasing sexual arousal. Among mammals, dolphins, which are known as very social creatures such as humans and bonobos, are known to engage in sexual activity not only for breeding purposes but also for the purpose of building social bonds, and they include penises and clitoris. The behavior of rubbing against each other has also been confirmed.

Patricia Brennan and colleagues at Mount Holyoke College sought to find out what the dolphin clitoris does by dissecting 11 natural-dead female dolphins. When Brennan et al. Examined the tissue around the clitoris, it became clear that it was densely packed with blood vessels, nerve fibers, and tissues that erect when filled with blood.

Among them, some nerves of the clitoris are very large with a diameter of more than 0.5 mm, and the skin covering these nerves is thinner than other parts, making it more susceptible to irritation. It has also been shown that dolphins change shape in their erectile tissue as they grow up and acquire function in response to sexual maturity.

'Although the shape of the pelvis is very different between dolphins and humans, the shape of the clitoris is surprisingly similar to that of humans. Dolphin clitoris functions like humans. I think it's likely. '

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