How long to sleep on the day?

ByMoyan Brenn

It is obvious that sleep is important to make the head clear and increase productivity, but "everyone is anxious about how long to sleep" is obvious. How many hours to sleep per day to prevent brain function deterioration is clarified in the following movie.

How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need? - YouTube

It is experience that everyone knows that it is important to sleep in order to heal fatigue and refresh the inside of the head.

However, "How long do you want to sleep in a day?" Is a matter of disagreement from long ago.

One researcher conducted an experiment to examine how the brain worked by grouping people into 14 hours, sleeping hours of 4 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours, respectively.

The result is that the group of "8 hour sleep" was the best among them.

In contrast, the 6-hour sleep group is as drunk as alcohol ... ...

The 4 hour sleep group tended to snooze during the day.

The functional deterioration of the brain seen in 4 hours sleep and 6 hours sleep is "Sleep debt"It turned out that the work of the brain became worse as its life became longer.

Sleep debt caused by a short sleeping time is that brain function recovers quickly by taking a good sleep if it is a lack of sleep of one day or two ... ...

It is also known that if sleep deprivation lasts for a long period of time it takes longer to recover even if you get a good sleep.

If sleep deprivation continues for one year, even if you get a good sleep, the function does not recover easily.

To make matters worse, in such a state of chronic sleep deprivation, the brain gradually becomes accustomed, it becomes impossible to be aware of the deterioration of the brain function, and it is an illusion that "mood is good".

The sleeping time recommended in most sleep research is "7 to 8 hours".

With shorter sleeping time the risk of heart disease etc. is up by 12%.

Surprisingly, with a longer sleeping time, heart disease risk is up by 30%, resulting in worse results than sleep deprivation.

However, recent studies have found that some people have genes that can adapt to short sleep.

We transplanted this sleep-poor sleep-deficient gene into mice, and there are also experimental results that the sleeping time of mouse decreased by 1.2 hours and activity time increased.

In other words, the best sleeping time is different for each person so that the size of shoes varies from person to person. It is important to find the sleeping time that suits yourself based on the best sleeping theory for 7 to 8 hours, and it is important to pay attention not only to sleep but also to the quality of sleep.

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