When sleeping for less than 7 hours continues, the risk of developing various diseases increases from mental disease to sexual dysfunction

ByKate Sumbler

Sleep shortageThe judgment becomes dull,The probability that you will go to a future nursing home facility will increaseAlthough it seems that evils such as the occurrence do occur, what kind of health impairment will occur when the sleep of 7 hours or less actually continues, information on health is being disseminatedEveryday HealthButAmerican Physiological SocietyWe publish the infograph created based on the data as "6 reasons requiring sleep for seven hours".

Six Reasons to Sleep Seven Hours [Infographic] - Sleep Center - Everyday Health

If sleep of 7 hours or less continues,Mental illnessThere is a danger of getting over, and if it is less than 6 hours the heart diseasebreast cancerRisk of developing onset, if you keep sleeping for less than 5 hoursDiabetesYaRespiratory disease,,Sexual dysfunctionIt may cause it.

Indicators of how much sleep time should be taken by age are also disclosed, 7 to 9 hours for people over the age of 18 and 8 to 30 hours for people aged 10 to 17, 5 to 10 for people aged 10 to 17 It is said that it is better for a child to take a sleep of about 10 hours to 11 hours everyday.

If the busy period continues, you will tend to get less sleeping by all means, but when considering health, you may as well sleep better.

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