People who continue sleeping for six hours have failed to recognize themselves as they have stayed up all night without noticing themselves


Japanese people say that sleeping time is the shortest in the worldIt turned out in the survey of 2014It is said that the average sleeping time of people living in Tokyo is 5 hours 44 minutes. Meanwhile, in a new study, the research result that the person who continues sleeping for 6 hours or less is almost the same as the recognition ability of the person who stayed up all night though he thinks "he gets sleep properly" is revealed became.

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SLEEP March issueIn the study published in the study, 48 subjects were divided into "Sleep 4 hours", "Sleeping 6 hours" and "Sleeping 8 hours" so that they would not sleep for more than a fixed time over 2 weeks and over the 3 days I set a group saying "I do not sleep at all". The subjects conducted a two-hour test every day, and the performance of cognitive ability and the time taken for reaction of things were checked, and in addition, questions about physical condition and mood such as "how sleepy?" Were done.

Tests showed the highest performance in a group of eight hours of sleep, while subjects belonging to the sleeping group for four hours continued to produce low results in a daily test. The group of six hours of sleep appeared to be problem free at the beginning, but there was a change from around the 10th day, the last few days of the experiment was about the same as those who did not sleep at all for two days I showed cognitive performance.

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The most dangerous thing that this study shows is that people in the six-hour sleeping group are not aware that "sleep is not enough" even though cognitive declines. People who did not sleep at all tended to evaluate their drowsiness level highly as time goes on. At the end of the experiment, the self-reported "drowsiness level" was raised by two levels, whereas sleep six hours People of the group raised only one level. It seems that it is more difficult than people 's imagination to grasp my sleep state correctly.

Another study conducted at the University of Chicago shows the results of the survey that people overestimate their sleeping states, "Many people are seeing their own sleeping hours by 0.8 hours more There are also research results that say. In other words, there is a state that the person who thinks "I sleep for 7 hours" really is only sleeping for over 6 hours.

With respect to "What can I do to get good sleep?", Various research results such as not seeing the screen of the electronic device 30 minutes before going to bed, refraining from taking alcohol and performing appropriate exercise Is shown. Moreover, although it may not ask much, it is thought that a fat person can lose weight and lead to improvement of sleeping state. According to CDC, factors such as eating habits, exercise, mental health, body health and so on are related to sleeping state, and eventually they affect their performance.

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In addition, among existing studies, people with sleeping time less than 6 hours are more likely to sleep than 7 to 8 hours sleepingRisk of stroke rises 4.5 timesThere are things that insist that, on weekdays the sleep deprivationSleeping at weekendsIn addition to not being able to recover,The waist becomes thick and the BMI value risesIt is also said.

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