I tried playing with a new version that added "White Wild Card" that can increase my favorite original rules to UNO

It will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2016UNO (Uno)"Children and adults are popular as card games that can be played with large numbers of people. The first renewal since the launch was held in mid March 2016, and the new cards "Toryoka wild wild" and "white wild card"IntroductionSo, in order to ascertain how UNO evolved, I actually purchased and tried playing.

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In UNO's package, the yellow "UNO" letters stand out in red.

In the renewal version, there are 3 "white wild cards" which can be written with "Toryikko wild" which can replace all the cards with someone of the players, and make a rule you like.

The number of players is 2 to 10 people, the target age is over 7 years old.

When you open the box, it contains a card and instruction manual.

Four numeric cards, red, blue, yellow and green, totaling 76 pieces. Not only did the new card join along with the renewal, card design was also renovated pop and colorfully than before.

The symbol card is composed of "Skip" which skips the next person once, "Draw 2" where the next person draws two cards, "Reverse" which turns out the card in reverse order, two each for each color . In addition, there are four "Wild" which can change the card to be put into play to the color of your choice, four declarations of your favorite color & "Wild Draw 4" to let the next person draw four cards.

In the renewal version, three new cards "Toriakko wild" and "White wild".

Looking at the instruction manual, Takaakko Wilde is able to designate the color of the place card by exchanging it with the player who nominated the card in hand. White Wild is a card that you can put in your game by writing your favorite rules in the blank part.

On the back side of the manual was written an example of white wild rules. From the rules that can advantageously advance games such as "the next person keeps cards from the mountain until the color indicated on the card comes out" or "I can play it once more", "Someone is" Uno! "Do not bend Hizi until declaring it" "The next man sings" Kokekeokko "and draws four cards" to anything unique, such as ants.

So, I will write my own rules for white wild. In this time, "All players swap their hands with the next player clockwise" "Subtitles the color of the cards that will be put into play until their turn comes" "Effect of Reverse, Skip, Draw 2, Wild Draw 4 Invalidate it, and press it on the next person. " If you write it thinly with HB or B pencils, you can write and use new rules as many times as you like.

First we will hand out seven hands to all the players. This time we decided to play with four people. Leave the remaining cards in the center of the battlefield, put the uppermost card face upward and put it on the battlefield.

The rule of being able to issue the same colors, numbers and symbols as cards in play is the same as the conventional UNO.

If you get 1 card, you must declare "Uno!" If you do not declare before the next player releases the card, you need to draw two cards from the mountain as a penalty.

The player on the upper left, whose hand is getting low, places a draw 2 and makes an offensive.

The player on the upper right of the next number, if you have Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4, you can put it on the battlefield, but unfortunately neither was in your hand, so the white wild 'Reverse, Skip, Draw 2 , Invalidate the effect of Wild Draw 4 and push it to the next person ''.

Then, the effect of draw 2 was pressed by the player on the lower right.

If the number of hands has increased more than other players due to the effect of Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4, "Toryikko Wild" which nominates players and exchanges all hands ... ...

The turn of the white wild "All members swap hands with the next player clockwise". You can press a large number of cards to other players.

However, even if the number of cards is reduced by the effect of white wild, the draw 2 and the wild draw 4 are simultaneously eaten depending on the cards of other players' hands, so that the number of cards on hand is increased at once. ....

The white wild, "tells the color of the cards that will be put into play until your next turn comes on," played an active part in the final stage when all the hands of his hands are getting less. For example, in the following scenes, the player in the lower left declares "red" with white wild and declares the remaining three cards.

The next player to the next right has three pieces of "Red 6", "Blue 6" and "Red 7". Normally you would like to put out 2 "Red 6" and "Blue 6" at the same time and want to reduce your hand at once, but because the card to put out to play is decided red, we cry "Red 7" 1 To put out only pieces.

However, the color of the field remained red at the time of 1 round, so we could have 2 cards in the next step and get up to No. 1.

After playing several times, even after adding two new cards, the game's playing time itself is around 20 to 30 minutes once, the impression that it can play crisp about as much as the conventional UNO. Because the game may move greatly depending on the effect of white wilds, it is likely to be one of the enjoyment of the game to decide whilst all players talk about white wild rules before starting play.

In addition, the renewal version UNO to which the new rule was introduced can be purchased for Amazon at 600 yen including tax.

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