How much sleep time do you actually need for you?

ByJessica Lucia

Napoleon and Edison can sleep as much as 4 hours a dayShort SleeperIt is said that it was, and some people envy the short sleeper from the efficiency of "being able to act as little as possible sleeping time". However, as a matter of fact the short sleeper is only a small part of the whole population and that many people need more sleep in order to live a healthy lifestyle than the movie "How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need?"It is being explained.

How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need? - YouTube

There are people who says that it is enough if you sleep only 2-3 hours a day in the worldShort SleeperOr called three-press elite.

Some people may have heard the word "short sleeper", but in reality their number is only 1% of the population.

Short sleeper keeps up late at night and can get up early in the morning. Some people say that it is enough to take an hour's sleep a day when the sleeping came.

However, some researchers challenge the idea that such short sleeper is harmless for health.

There is a scientifically unknown part of the short-sleeper's health impact, but remember that such people are very few. Many of us need to take a longer sleep.

For example, the American Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours as the sleeping time required for adults, 8 to 10 hours for teenage boys and girls and 14 to 17 hours for newborns for good health It is said that it is necessary.

According to the American Sleep Foundation, this is because the body clock acts to make you sleep in the morning because it is in the state of being awoken after the evening, although you often see the students who snooze in class during the class.

People who continue sleeping for six hours have failed to recognize themselves as they have stayed up all night without noticing themselvesSleep is also one of the key to health. For example, in a study investigating the state of sleep of the elderly, sleeping of 6 hours or less or sleeping of 10 hours or more proved to be relevant to medical use.

When sleeping time is short, visiting emergency outpatient often increases ... ...

It seems that more sleeping time will result in more hospitalization.

In addition, recent studies have reported that sleep disorder increases the risk of dementia.

Furthermore, in a study of 737 elderly people, it has been confirmed that fragmentation of sleep is associated with decreased cognitive performance.

It is thought that there is a relation between sleep deprivation and Alzheimer's onset risk,(PDF file)A paper published by Oxford University in 2017It was argued that human beings choose a shorter sleep cycle compared to other primates to effectively waste away while sleeping and to protect themselves from Alzheimer 's disease. Although this is a relatively new research field, in the past research many sleep and dementia associations have been recognized, and firstly "properly sleep" is recommended to live healthily even when it is older It is being done.

Although comments on various people's sleep are written in the comment section of the movie such as those who can only sleep three hours a day or those who became depressed only 3 to 4 hours a day , Life Noggin who is publishing movies sends a message saying "you need more sleep".

In addition, many schools and companies have started the system at 9 o'clock, but this is also not optimal from the viewpoint of cognitive ability, so that starting from late hours such as 11 am also increases It seems to be.

"Research results that it is good to start lessons after 11:00 to improve learning at university" - GIGAZINE

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