Motivation · sexual desire will rise if you stay up all night Planning · Decision making ability drops


If sleep of 7 hours or less continuesRisk of developing mental illness etc. risesIt is a matter of life and death to get enough sleep for busy contemporary people. A movie that summarizes the influence of the body if it does not sleep well "What If You Stopped Sleeping?"Is published on YouTube.

What If You Stopped Sleeping? - YouTube

Sleeping for 6 to 8 hours is good for the health, and the risk of cardiovascular / cardiac disease and diabetes rises at more than 8 hours, and if it is less than 6 hours the risk of developing cardiovascular, heart disease, obesity, depression, brain disorder It is said that sex will be higher.

If you do not sleep at night it will release more dopamine from the brain, energy and motivation will rise, sex will also increase. However, with the passage of time, the ability to decide plans and wills will be extremely lowered and you will be able to show impulsive behavior.

If you continue to wake up for 24 hours, the reaction rate slows and the perception and cognitive abilities decrease.

If you do not sleep for two days, your body will have difficulty decomposing glucose,Immune systemIt is said that it will decrease.

It seems that you may see hallucinations if you do not sleep for three days.

Also, if you do not sleep at all, the appeal of appearance falls and you will see unhealthy.

The longest insomnia time recorded in the scientific documentary was 264 hours (11 days), and subjects showed a decrease in concentration ability and perception / cognitive ability, but surprisingly, medicine · psychology · neurology · There is no serious psychiatric problem.

However, in experiments on insomnia using rats, it has been confirmed that they died if they continue to occur for about two weeks. However, according to the experimenter, it was indeterminable whether the stress resulting from the fact that the cause of the death of rats continues to be caused by sleep deprivation or not.

Insomnia disease is severe progressive insomniaLethal familial insomniaThere is a thing, after the onset, it will die after a hallucinating symptom due to sleep deprivation.

Life expectancy after fatal familial insomnia develops is 18 months and there are about 100 patients worldwide.

If you continue to get up without sleeping, there are cases in which you die in the worst case, so sleep should be better. However, too much attention is required.

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