Why do people need 8 hours of sleep?

It is thought that it is necessary to take eight hours of sleep per day in order for humans to stay healthy every day. What is the reason for this "8 hours", and what will happen if you do not get enough sleep, movie "Why Do You Need 8 Hours of Sleep?"Explains such questions.

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Sleep is an indispensable thing for animals to live, which everyone should feel in their daily lives. When I lose sleep, I feel drowsy even in the daytime, my exercise capacity drops without getting tired, and I fall into the situation that I do not fall asleep no matter how long I sleep.

Generally recommended sleeping time is said to be 8 hours for adults.

But, indeed, how many hours of sleep do people need as animals?

In the experiment conducted in 1938, a survey on sleep was conducted by isolating subjects in a cave in Kentucky.

Subjects spent a month in an environment where no sunlight entered.

After that, the researcher analyzed the sleep patterns of the subjects ... ...

The subject was found to have spent about 8 hours sleep per day.

The important thing is that the environment where the experiment was conducted was that the sun was not entering at all. It is known that sunlight usually wakes up the body clock by acting on the body clock, but even in the dark state human beings seemed to stably take 8 hours of sleep.

Also, in a study conducted in recent years, I got sleep by instructing a subject put in experimental facility "I do not mind sleeping at all" ......

After all, it seems that sleep time has settled in about 8 hours. In this way, human beings seem to be able to feel the sleeping time they need for themselves, but what changes will occur if the situation does not take enough sleep to continue?

Sleep is a very important act for almost all organs of the body.

In 2002, two scientists at the University of Pennsylvania restricted sleeping time to multiple subjects over a period of two weeks and investigated what effect they had.

As a result, it turned out that the physical function of the subject decreased as the sleeping time was insufficient.

In the study, the next day I spent all night sleeping ... ...

It is known that cognitive decline will occur to the same extent as the driver who is in drunk driving condition.

From this, basically it turns out that people need to take adequate sleep every night without exception.

However, for modern people it is not easy to get enough sleep without fail. In such a case, I often think about "sleeping over the weekend".

Actually there is no effect on "sleeping". According to a study, when there is a day when sleep is insufficient, it is known that it takes three days to compensate for the shortage.

In this way, you can see that it is very important to stably take enough sleep. If you really want to feel the effect, you should try eight hours of sleep every day for a few days to try. Then you will notice that you can recognize the surrounding world more clearly than usual.

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