Cause of insomnia 10

Many people think that there are many experiences that you can not sleep easily even though you are tired but you can not sleep too much, but chronic effects may occur in your normal life. The causes of such insomnia are classified and introduced into 10 symptoms from the physical and psychological aspects and are being introduced.

Details are as below.The 11 Kinds of Insomnia - Sleep -

1. Adaptive insomnia
It is a sleep disorder that comes from stress, when stress is resolved, or it adapts to stress, it will cure. Stress is not restricted to negative ones, sometimes it becomes impossible to sleep with excitement because of fun things.

2. Insomnia from childhood behavior
Sleep disturbance caused by parents and guardians not having children sleep well. If I lay my child at a fixed time I will be able to get a good sleep, but if my bedtime is bad it will make me awake many times at night.

3. Insomnia due to idiopathic disease
Sleep disturbance that begins in childhood and continues until adulthood. It seems to be the reason that the balance in the body collapses, the awakening mechanism works too strongly, and conversely the sleep mechanism does not work well, but the cause of clearness is unknown.

4. Insomnia with drug
Sleep disturbance caused by side effects of drug therapy, ingestion of caffeine, use of alcohol solvents, etc. It may occur not only during use but also when you stop using it.

5. Insomnia due to health problems
Symptoms that make it difficult to sleep or awake many times at night because of pain from other diseases.

6. Insomnia due to mental disorders
Sleep disorder manifesting as a sign of deterioration of mental health. The level of insomnia is directly connected to the mental state.

7. Insomnia not related to physical causes
Fundamental mental health disorder, psychological factor, insomnia due to divided sleep. It is said to be classified when a person with insomnia does not meet another type of insomnia criteria.

8. Insomnia not related to psychological causes
Insomnia caused by internal disorders and health conditions but I do not know the specific cause. Further testing is necessary to find a clear cause.

9. Paradoxical insomnia
Insomnia that appears without evidence of objective sleep disturbance. Even though I am asleep, I feel that I was awakening, and I even underestimate my sleeping time even though I sleep plenty.

10. Psychopathological insomnia
Insomnia made up of excessive anxiety that sleep has not been taken. After sudden onset, symptoms slowly worsen over the years by accumulating days unable to sleep due to anxiety. It seems that there are times when you can sleep normally if you are away from home.

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