What are the four ways in which night-type people can go to bed early?


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We all know that early to bed early is good for the body, and it is also true that morning-type humans benefit in a society where it is common to start working in the morning. However, there is also a research result that whether the person is night type or morning type is incorporated into the gene , so it is not easy to get up early or go to bed early. In order to help such people of the night, Andrew Bagshaw, a researcher at the University of Birmingham, is conducting research to adjust the clock of the morning's person so that he can go to bed early.

Resetting the late timing of 'night owls' has a positive impact on mental health and performance-ScienceDirect

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People can not live without sleep, but sometimes they can not sleep even if they really want to sleep. There is also a research result that one in three adults can not sleep seven hours a day, which is recommended, and it seems that many people suffer from inability to sleep well.

It is known that for the sake of health, you must sleep well, as it is known that the variation in sleeping time adversely affects blood sugar levels and that sleep deprivation causes anxiety . In addition, as sleep deprivation also affects mental health, you may get frustrated and fall into a negative loop that you can not sleep without sleep.

There are external factors such as stress and the light of electronic devices that people can not sleep when they want to sleep, but the influence of the circadian rhythm (body clock) that governs the living body in a 24-hour cycle is also small. Of. However, night-type people are totally unhappy compared to morning-type people , and mental health tends to be poor , so there are many who want to become morning-type. Mr. Bagshow points out that since the whole society is made easy for morning-style people to spend, the night-style people get out of sync with the society and their minds become ill.


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So the research team at Bagshaw et al. Investigated whether it is possible to improve the nightly person's life rhythm in the morning manner. In a study published in May 2019, the research team sent 22 subjects with a night-type circadian rhythm along a certain guideline for three months. It seems to have succeeded in shifting the circadian rhythm for 2 hours on average.

The following four life guidelines were assigned to subjects by the research team.

1: wake up and eat breakfast immediately
2: The time you are awake is as long as possible
3: Do not take caffeine after 3 pm, do not take a nap after 4 pm, eat dinner before 7 pm
4: Exercise in the morning


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After living in accordance with these guidelines, subjects became less tired, stress and depression decreased, and cognitive ability and physical ability improved. According to Bagshow, all elements such as exercise, diet, sunlight and caffeine are important for getting to bed early and getting up early, and recognizing these importance is the first step to good sleep.

'Your sleep schedule is determined by how much you slept in your previous sleep, and by the circadian rhythm,' Bagshaw points out. Preparing a routine affects the circadian rhythm and promotes secretion of melatonin , a hormone involved in sleep, at an appropriate time.

However, everyday life is chased by work and food, and there are many people who feel that they can not afford regular life, such as exercise in the morning and soaking in the sun during the day. Still, it seems important to rethink consciousness, thinking that 'good sleep and good awakening will improve the performance of the next day, resulting in better everyday life.'

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