Variations in sleeping time can adversely affect blood sugar levels and cause serious health problems

by Vladislav Muslakov

I think that there are a lot of people who can not secure enough sleeping time on busy weekdays and collectively put on bed at the weekend, but such variation in sleeping time can not reset the biological clock, and it causes blood sugar level Recent studies have suggested that adverse effects can lead to serious health problems.

Ad libitum Weekend Recovery Sleep Fails to Prevent Metabolic Dysregulation during a Repeating Pattern of Insufficient Sleep and Weekend Recovery Sleep: Current Biology (19) 30098-3

Weekday–Weekend Sleep Imbalance Bad for Blood Sugar Regulation-Scientific American

“Lack of sleep affects a variety of physiological systems. Increased risk of cardiovascular disease, increased body weight, decreased insulin sensitivity, increased risk of diabetes. Only one or two nights or more If you can't sleep, it's easy for people to get out of sleep, "says Christopher Depner, assistant professor of integrated physiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Many people turn off the alarm clock on holiday days to compensate for the lack of sleep on weekdays, but often there are days when lack of sleep starts again when weekdays begin. "We are interested in this question how it affects the risk of obesity and metabolic disease if you repeat an irregular sleep cycle, such as accumulating sleep deprivation on weekdays and sleeping a lot on weekends. I have, ”says Mr. Debner.

by Kate Stone Matheson

Depner and his colleagues, who were interested in the effects of variability in sleeping time on the body, gathered the subjects and held a nine-day dormant event. One group of subjects was allowed to sleep overnight and the other group was allowed to sleep only 5 hours each night. The third group was given a sleep pattern that reproduces "people who experience lack of sleep on weekdays and sleep on holidays" which is 5 hours on weekdays and unlimited on holidays.

About the results of the experiment, Dr. Depner stated, "If people can not get enough sleep for work and school days, they will find that people will eat more than they need, leading to weight gain. "

Ken Wright, a professor of integrated physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder who participated in the study, pointed out that lack of sleep leads to an increase in snacks. Even more astonishingly, they say that weekend sleepers do not help much and may even make things worse.

"After sleeping a lot on the weekend, I discovered that if I go back to having enough sleep on my work or school day, I've found that my insulin and glucose control levels in my liver and muscles go down. People who get chronically inadequate sleep and can not properly reset their clocks may lose the ability of certain tissues to adjust their blood sugar levels after the weekend. "

by Simon Matzinger

Scientific Americans have stated that it is necessary to "date with pillows and replace snacks with lovely dreams" to eliminate the negative effects on the body caused by fluctuations in sleeping times.

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