Survey results that students with poor grades are out of daily sleep cycle and lecture timetable

byChris Blakeley

While I am sleepy and I can not study seriously during the classes in the morning and during the day, there are many people who suddenly become energetic as they come back home. Survey results supporting the realization of such people are announced that "gap between sleep cycle shift and school timetable is related to sluggish performance".

Poor grades tied to class times that do not match our biological clocks | Berkeley News

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and Northwestern University investigated the online activities of individuals on a day without lectures for about 15,000 students logging into the university campus server. Based on the information obtained in the survey, researchers classified college students into three types of "owl type at night", "sparrow type during the day", "morning lark type", classified as a student's academic record I found the relationship between the three types.

As a result, many students in the lecture schedule that deviated from the life rhythm of the day without lecture, such as "early morning lecture by students of the night owl type", showed a stagnation in academic achievement about.

Benjamin Smumer who studies the research on the rhythm disorder of the circadian rhythm who researched, "We think that many students have a" social time difference "between lecture time and natural life rhythm, I found that it correlates very strongly with the decline in grades. " In addition, social time difference has been affecting not only the stagnation of academic performance but also the overdose of obesity, alcohol and tobacco.

The negative influence of the living rhythm and the lecture time zone was seen for all types of "owl type at night", "sparrow type during the day", "morning lark type", among them the "owl type at night" It is always considered to be suffering from social time zones, and most are considered to be unable to demonstrate optimal performance. "Since the lecture is held from morning to early evening, the mistake with life rhythm will be the biggest" owl type at night. "However," morning lark type "or" daytime sparrow type " All types are not escaped from the social time zone, such as being affected by the class of the other, "and as there are many students with different life rhythms, there is no solution to education.

About 40% of university students surveyed were in sync with their rhythms of life and lecture rhythms, most of them had high GPAs. However, about 50% of college students will receive a lecture before firmly awake, and about 10% was supposed to be lectured after passing the peak of arousal.

Mr. Smar said, "Instead of encouraging students of 'Owl owl type' to go to bed early, we should adopt a method to personalize education so that social time zones between life rhythm and lecture do not come out," said student , It is necessary to prepare an educational system so that education can be received in the time when performance can be demonstrated most.

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