"Results that it is good to start lessons after 11:00 to improve learning at university"

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I was unable to get up in the morning when I was a student.Voluntary closureI think that some people have experience, but in order to make students' learning experience better at university, "It is best to start lessons after 11 AM"Research results have been announced.

Let them sleep in: University students learn better in classes starting after 11am, neuroscience research shows - Quartz

Nevadarino University in the United States and the United KingdomOpen UniversityHowever, as a result of investigating the students' perceptual ability of the university for the first and second year students, it became clear that there is a better learning timing than doing classes in the morning.

Students who became subjects have different life rhythms and different sleep patterns, so there is not a "universal start-up time" that all students will benefit, but they received a test result of recognition ability and students responded From the content of the questionnaire, etc., we succeeded in deriving "starting hours for the most students to benefit." It seems that the time was "11 AM".

This research result isFrontiers in Human NeuroscienceAlthough it was published above, it seems that there are several prior studies to review the class time.


Professor Maria Evans of Nevadarino University, a co-author of published research, said, "The best learning start time for college students is slower than general lesson time, which is biologically natural for university students "Starting time of the day" will come about two hours later than adults, "according to the universityinterviewWe are responding within.

Studies to review starting hours as in this research have been actively studied in recent years, and it seems that some educational institutions are already reviewing start-up times. Indeed, in the UK · LondonUCL AcademyIn 2013 the starting hours are changed to 10:00 am.

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If the start time is later than 11 o'clock, the number of students who are late for the first limit can be drastically reduced, and learning efficiency will be improved as less need to devote intolerant lesson content to the head which is asleep . However, depending on the schedule, it seems that there may be days like "Today's lesson is until 21 o'clock in the evening", so it's clear that not only good points.

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