12 ways to sleep well

Is there anything I can not get to sleep easily though I should definitely stay asleep for tomorrow's errands? There seem to be 12 ways that can be used at such times. Remember, there is no loss.

Details are as below.
12 Tips to Create a Sleep Haven: Tips 1-5 | Sleep | Reader's Digest

■ 1: Buy a new mattress
Because we do not understand simply by comparing at the store, it seems to be good to first find a mattress that can actually be tried free for 30 days, then actually sleeping and then comparing it. What is a good mattress. It provides a deep natural sleep and it seems to be a thing that does not feel pain etc when getting up in the morning.

■ 2: Enable to be comfortable
It seems that you should prepare a lot of comfortable and comfortable things anyhow, such as cashmere, hypoallergenic duvet, plenty of pillows, a pillow to hit behind the neck, a pillow to put behind the back, and even a pillow to hold.

■ 3: Sprinkle perfume quickly
For example, if you sprinkle lavender perfume quickly on a pillow before entering the bed, it seems to help calm your feelings.

■ 4: Lower the temperature before entering the bed
If you lower the temperature of the room before entering the bed, it seems to send a signal saying 'I'm about to go to bed' for the body.

■ 5: Tank on hot water
In short it means entering a hot bath. By doing this, it will temporarily raise the temperature of the body, but as a result it helps to lower the temperature of the body.

■ 6: Placing a schedule for massage
Massage stops hormones related to insomnia and makes sleep easier.

■ 7: Sleeping is given top priority
I think that sleep is necessarily necessary, and that you should not hold back for that. For example, if you wake up with snoring in a dog, put the dog in a different room, treat your snoring if you snore due to snoring together, and if the other takes a non-cooperative attitude It should be done separately.

■ 8: Close the curtain
You can sleep better in the dark. In addition, even lighting street lights and full moons seems to be awakened by these lights.

■ 9: Throwing out the night light
It seems that it is necessary to avoid artificial lights as much as possible by removing the clock radio with the light with the display. It seems that it happens when a twilight wakes up.

■ 10: wear socks
It seems to help sleep when you are wearing a sock when you sleep. Is not it because it helps to lower the body temperature to sleep by warming your feet? It is considered.

■ 11: Ignore watch
It is better to avoid seeing the dial and digital display of the clock. It seems that you can demonstrate the power of the watch with enough power to prevent sleep if you look for a bit.

■ 12: Sleep naked
Sleeping experts at the Cleveland Sleep Disorders Center and neurologist Charles J. Bae says that people who are wrapped in futons or blankets are more likely to sleep than night gowns and pajamas.

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