Twenty-four ways to reach a deep sleep, should it be possible to sleep

Previously at GIGAZINEEasy way to sleep for people who can not sleep easilyYa12 ways to sleep wellAlthough an introduction was introduced, an article which further describes 24 methods was published. Honestly I think that "I have to do so far", but how about trying those who are suffering from insomnia?

Details are as follows
Achieve a Deep, Uninterrupted Sleep: Nighttime Habits | Healthy Living | Reader's Digest

1.I decide the habit which I do before going to bed every night
It is said that the brain will be preparing for sleeping by always taking certain actions.

2.Understand the cycle of your own biological clock

3.Put a small amount of lavender perfume on the sheets and pillowcases
The fragrance of lavender promotes relaxation.

Four.Hide your watch where you can not see it
It seems that if you have a watch where you can see it, you can not sleep pretty much care about time.

Five.Change the pillow you are using now

6.Choose a pillow that suits you
It seems that neck pillow is good for sleep.Sodium sulfateWhenCeramic fiberIt is better to have a refreshing pillow using such as.

7.Use curtains to block light like blackout curtains

8.Clean up the room and try to incorporate natural colors like Sage Green

9.Separate the bed from the wall
It seems to be effective to reduce noise from outside.

Ten.Put a hot water bottle or warm socks under your feet and warm your body from your feet
Sleep seems to be promoted by warming the inside of the body from the feet

11.I do not sleep with dogs and cats
Dogs and cats also seem to hinder sleeping because they smoke.

12.Sleeping alone

13.Consume 600 mg calcium and 300 mg magnesium in supplements before going to bed
Calcium relieves muscle tension, and magnesium seems to be a substitute for sedation.

14.Eat a small amount of walnut before going to bed
It is contained in walnutTryptophan, It seems that amino acids promote sleep.

15.Eat bananas before going to bed
It promotes sleep hormone and promotes the effect of tryptophan.

16.Drinking water instead of juice before going to bed

17.After dinner, drink an antacid (medicine to repair the rough mucosa and neutralize stomach acid)

18.Listen to reading voice at bedtime
It seems that you can get a sense of security that you will have a fairy tale when you are small.

19.Drink before going to bed that put mint stem in hot water boiled 2 or 3 lettuce leaves
It seems that lettuce contains "lactucarium" substance that sleep promotes.

20.Do a massage

twenty one.Take a hot bath 90 to 120 minutes before going to bed

twenty two.Massage with eucalyptus leaves

twenty three.Think about what happened and felt that day about 10 minutes before going to bed

twenty four.Prepare memos at the bedside
When it gets up in the middle of the night, it seems to be good to write down why it got up.

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