13 ways to survive well in the work of the afternoon that work efficiency tends to decrease

Unlike intensive morning work, work in the afternoon after eating lunch comes drowsy, so working efficiency will tend to decline by all means. The method for efficiently doing such an afternoon's work efficiently is as follows.

13 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump at Work | Reader's Digest Version

1: I take sunshine for 10 minutes

Let 's take sunshine for ten minutes for a walk as taking lunch outside on lunch break. Or just sit and face the sunlight is OK. The body clock is reset by taking sunlight, the body generates hormones on sleep "MelatoninYou can reduce the amount of. furtherVitamin DIs also generated,OsteoporosisIt is also possible to reduce the risk of various cancers.

2: Choose protein as much as possible for meals, not take much carbohydrates

Tunasalad with no bread is better than tuna sandwiches, salad with green-yellow vegetables sprinkled with low-fat cheese and boiled eggs, and some sliced ​​poultry together are better than pasta salad. The dietary change of choosing a protein rather than this carbohydrate is said to produce a certain effect.

3: Enjoy tea time

Having the custom of "enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon" is one step to overcome the afternoon's fatigue due to the light caffeine effect. It is also good to keep a habit of preparing foreign exotic tea leaves instead of keeping using the same tea leaves. In that case, it is better to choose what contains caffeine.

4: Clean up the desk and organize mailboxes

Both are tasks that do not use a relatively head, so you do not need to concentrate heavily or think clearly. If the desk or mailbox is cluttered, the stress gets gradually gathered, and clearing up it will give you a sense of accomplishment that you can see so much.

5: I'm calling "I was thinking about you"

Everyone can be anyone who knows well, such as husband and wife, children, brothers, parents, friends, retired colleagues. With just a five minute phone call, the energy to finish the work gathers for hours.

6: A drop of peppermint oil (peppermint oil) hangs in my hand

If you drop the oil, scrape both hands well and then rub on the face (avoid the eyes). Peppermint is an aroma with an effect that enhances energy.

7: Perform stretching

Rotate both shoulders forward and turn it backwards, then turn backwards as you go around. Let's move the shoulder at the timing to match the slow deep breath and repeat for 2 minutes.

8: Eat a piece of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has some unique advantages. Unlike milk chocolate, it is good for health, it is food similar to nuts rather than sweets. It contains healthy and superior fat and antioxidants, plus abundant fiber and magnesium. However, you should not eat more than one piece.

9: Bite spicy gum

Strong mint taste and other gums are strongly stimulated, and the act of simply "chewing" is like a tonic to the brain against a feeling of collapse. In addition, chewing helps saliva, it helps to remove tooth decay born by lunch and bacteria causing periodontal disease. As a precaution, be sure to choose a sugar-free gum.

10: I occasionally work in collaboration with others

If you feel that your concentration is falling when you are working alone with yourself, let's plan the work that other people are involved with. Since we are social animals, we can increase the speed of work through interaction. However, it needs to be an interactive and interesting work. Sitting in the chair in the room and listening to the monotonous story of someone else will fall asleep.

11: 10 minutesIsometric trainingI do

Isometric training, which is a muscle training that you can feel free anytime, anywhere, is a training that pushes things that do not move such as walls with full power. If it is an exercise to keep the muscle tension without moving the muscles, for example, let's move the elbow sideways by fitting the palms of both hands in front of the chest and keep exercising like holding both hands as it is.

12: In the officeRosemaryLeave aside

According to the research, the smell of rosemary will activate energy. Rubbing twigs between fingers spreads fragrance in the air. If you are really exhausted, please rub the twigs on your hands, face, neck.

13: Choose an afternoon snack with a low GI

Board chocolate etc.GI valueBecause it is high, if you eat blood sugar sharply pushed up, vitality might temporarily come up, but as time goes by, the blood sugar value drops suddenly, so the spirit becomes unstable or feels a tired feeling It may cause symptoms. Instead, by taking snacks containing proteins, fibers, complex carbohydrates (such as whole grain crackers and raw vegetables) it is possible to maintain blood glucose levels moderately.

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