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Past studies have shown that lack of sleep not only reduces concentration and memory , but also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and decreases immunity . Therefore, Quick and Dirty Tips, which provides useful information for daily life, summarizes a few ideas that can be used to sleep well and resolve lack of sleep.

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◆ 01: Drink tart cherry juice
Juice of tart cherry, which is a kind of cherries, is rich in melatonin, which is said to bring about sleep. It is recommended to drink 8 ounces (about 230 ml) 1 hour before going to bed.



◆ 02: Eat nuts
Minerals such as magnesium and selenium that are abundant in nuts are said to have an effect of promoting sleep. In particular, peanuts and pistachios are recommended.

◆ 03: Eat seafood
Cod, tuna, snapper , flatfish and shrimp are rich in tryptophan, a type of amino acid that is said to be effective in improving insomnia and depression.

◆ 04: Avoid blue light
Past research has shown that blue light emitted from the screens of digital devices such as TVs and smartphones disturbs circadian rhythms and disturbs sleep.

Exposure to light during night sleep with TV and electricity turned on can cause weight gain-GIGAZINE

by Victoria Heath

Therefore, after dinner, you should not look at the monitor of the digital device. You can also wear glasses that reduce blue light .

◆ 05: Listen to pink noise
The pink noise contains a signal similar to 1 / f fluctuation that has a relaxation effect.

Pink noise can be heard from the following movies.

pure pink noise-YouTube

◆ 06: Do not drink alcohol before going to bed
Some people make it a habit to have a supper to improve sleep, but it seems better to avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed because alcohol can also make sleep worse.

◆ 07: Relax with herbal aromas
The scent of lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang is said to have a relaxation effect.

◆ 08: Sleep with a dog
A study by the Mayo Clinic found that dogs in the bedroom can sleep well.

◆ 09: Use a pillow if you sleep sideways
Sleeping sideways tends to put a load on your hips and back, so you can sleep well by reducing the burden by using a pillow .

◆ 10: Sleep with socks on
It is known that warming your feet is good for your sleep and good health, as there is the term head cold foot fever . For this reason, it is recommended that you keep your feet cold, for example by putting on socks and sleeping.

◆ 11: Bed making
When you get home after getting tired, you will want to fall into the bed unintentionally.

◆ 12: Raise the foot on the head of the bed a little
Snoring not only disturbs your family's sleep, but it also impairs your sleep because it interferes with breathing. Therefore, if you put a board between the foot of the bed and the floor and raise it a little, the upper body will be angled and the airway will open and the air flow will improve, making it difficult to snore. Even if you raise the pillow, you can expect some effect.

◆ 13: I often sing
If you sing a song for about 20 minutes a day, the upper airway muscles are tightened, making it harder to snore.



◆ 14: Use a humidifier
Drying is also a cause of snoring, so if you put a humidifier in the bedroom to prevent it from drying out, it will be harder to snore. Two birds with one stone because protecting the respiratory tract from dryness also prevents colds.

◆ 15: Drinking tonic water
According to Quick and Dirty Tips, quinine in tonic water has the effect of reducing muscle spasms. Therefore, if your leg muscles cramp at night and you feel uncomfortable, it seems to be effective to drink 6 ounces (about 180 ml) of tonic water.

◆ 16: Countermeasures for restless leg syndrome
If you may not be able to sleep due to foot discomfort, restless leg syndrome may be the cause. According to Quick and Dirty Tips, it is possible to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome by “taking aspirin tablets ”, “massaging feet with foam rollers ”, “wearing pressure socks for about an hour before going to bed” It is said that there is sex.

◆ 17: Pool noodle
Pool noodles ” are stick-shaped sponges used in pools. If you and your family sleeping together are hampered by poor sleep, put pool noodles in a futon and put them next to your body.

by microgen

◆ 18: Chewing gum
Anything that is effective in relieving fatigue can be expected to have a synergistic effect if done before going to bed. Chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain and heart rate. If it smells like peppermint or cinnamon, it seems to be even more effective in restoring energy. However, if you eat something that contains caffeine, you will not be able to sleep because you have eyes, so it is recommended to choose a gum that does not contain caffeine.

◆ 19: Iwabenkei
' Iwabenkei ' is a kind of herb that is sometimes used to treat altitude sickness , and is also called Rhodiola. It is said that it is effective in relieving fatigue , and supplements containing Iwabenkei are also available on the market.

◆ 20: In the sunlight
In the sun, you can adjust the circadian rhythm and get regular sleep habits. It is said that sunbathing for several minutes a day is also effective.

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