Explaining the mysteries of cats and sleep, such as 'Why cats sleep all day' and 'Should cats be worried about oversleeping?'

Many people have seen cats sleeping all day and thought, 'I want to live like a cat.' But there is a reason why cats spend much of their day sleeping. 'What cat Why are you always sleeping?', 'How much sleep time required for a cat?' 'Is there any case should be worried about?', Etc., the Arekore of cat and sleep science news site

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Why do cats sleep all day?

◆ Why are cats always sleeping?
The first thing to understand is that cats are crepuscular in the first place. Crepuscular creatures are basically most active during the time from sunset to sunrise. This is because the cat's prey was crepuscular. Cats had to wake up at sunset and hunt by dawn to get food to survive.

Hunting requires a lot of energy. So the cat got into the habit of sleeping a lot during the day to rest and save energy. Many cats are domesticated in modern times, but it is a custom of living in the wild, and even in modern times, they sleep a lot during the day.

◆ How long does a cat need to sleep?
Cats usually need 12-14 hours of sleep a day. However, the amount of sleep required varies from cat to cat, with kittens and old cats sleeping for up to 20 hours, and some active cats sleeping for up to 12 hours without problems.

Sleep has health roles for cats, such as 'saving energy,' 'repairing muscles,' and 'improving immunity.' Since the cat's diet is mainly composed of proteins such as meat, fish, and milk, it is necessary to have enough sleep to completely digest the proteins.

However, most cats sleep during the day as a light 'nap,' and their nose and ears remain in alert mode, which can be avoided as soon as a danger is detected.

◆ Do cats dream?
Twenty-five percent of cat sleep is

REM sleep with active brain activity. You may see the cat's limbs cramping and whiskers moving during REM sleep, and the cat may be dreaming at such times. In the past the study, see the cat dream is the potential to be 'that is doing the hunting,' also there and that shows .

◆ Why do cats sleep better than usual on rainy days?
Cats are the same warm-blooded animals as humans, and sleep better on rainy days because they need more energy to maintain their body temperature on cold days. In addition, cats generally dislike water because their fur does not dry easily when it gets wet and it is easy to catch a cold.

◆ Are there any cases where cats sleep too much and should be worried?
Cats tend to sleep better when they are at ease, but 'getting a lot of sleep' is not always a good sign. If a cat sleeps for 15 to 16 hours a day, it may be 'boring', 'physical pain', ' hyperthyroidism ', or 'depression'. Overweight cats are especially prone to these symptoms, so you should consult your veterinarian if your cat is sleeping excessively.

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