10 rumors related to winter health and its truth

In winter, cold weather is likely to cause a cold or influenza, and there are also many events such as New Year and Christmas, so it may be said that it is a particularly healthy season compared with other seasons. For that reason, there are many theories such as "In order to avoid catching a cold, you should avoid avoiding colds", or conversely, "○ ○ is good for your body" in winter compared to other seasons .

It is cited content of experts asking about rumors about winter health and checking its authenticity. There are a number of unexpected facts that will make you feel like trying to change your life that is likely to keep you at home as it is in winter.

The truth of what is believed somewhat, such as "It will catch a cold if it keeps falling in a cold place" and "I need to sleep a lot in winter" are as follows.Health Tips - Healthy Living Tips at WomansDay.com

1: I catch a cold if it is outdoors for a long time

Many people have the experience of being told that "If you are outside for a while, you will have a cold," and I think that there are many people who think that it is the fact. However, D. J. Verre of the otolaryngologist claims that this is a superstition.

To go outdoors is actually one of the best ways to make sure you do not catch a cold. Because the surrounding temperature is low has nothing to do with the danger of catching a cold, but conversely when you have contact at close range with other people indoors, viruses and bacteria are spreading in a narrow space It seems easy to infect.

2: Winter is the most seasonal prone to depression

Days covered with events in a gray, dull sky. And the cold feels even hardship. Considering these factors, it seems natural to think that the mood gets depressed during the winter. However, a health professional says that it is just a superstition. "Contrary to myths, in the winter, compared to other seasons, there is not much more people to develop depression," said Harvard University professor John Sharp.

However, there may be some people that it tends to be dark as it is actually winter. On the other hand, Professor Sharp commented, "It may be caused by" temporary stress "that" holiday depression "is caused. However, the name of this symptom is not recognized by the medical community.

It is certain that the number of cases of depression does not increase compared to other seasons, but some people may experience brain dysfunction "seasonal affective disorder (SAD)" during winter . Symptoms of this disease have symptoms similar to depression, such as insomnia and difficulty concentrating on things, but it tends to develop during winter.

If you are suffering from these symptoms or just wanting to get out of a lethargic state, Professor Sharp suggests that you may try phototherapy.

3: When you drink chicken soup it will cure a cold

In the United States it is a standard to have a chicken soup at the time of a cold, and it seems that mothers and grandmothers also teach children and grandchildren that chicken soup is a magical food. But is this just a mockery?

"No, Chicken soup has the effect of curing a cold," Professor Sharp answers. "It is scientifically known that chicken soup has some good effects on the body, and it is said that by eating, leukocytes are gathered and have a good effect on the immune system."

Whether other types of soup or hot drink have similar benefits to the immune system has not been clarified yet, Professor Sharp said hot liquids eliminate nasal cavities and throat pain and discomfort, as well as colds and influenza I comment that I can ease symptoms.

4: Since body temperature is released from the head, it is better to wear a hat

In the cold of winter, especially when snow is piled up when the child plays outside, it may be worried that it looks somewhat cold when there is a child not wearing a hat. But, if you do not wear a hat, will your body temperature be released enough to affect your physical condition?

According to Professor Sharp, it says that it is not true, but almost superstitious. Since all the parts exposed to the outside are emitting body temperature, body temperature is released also from parts not dressed, such as hands and face not wearing gloves. Therefore, it is hard to think that it will cause you to lose physical condition simply by forgetting to wear a hat. In other words, rather than wearing a short bread and a yarn hat on a child, it would be harder for body temperature to release body pants, even if you do not have a hat.

Hats play an important role in extremely cold places, but if you forget to go for a walk on a dog for a while, there is no major impact. Better wearing a warm coat that covers the body fairly is more effective than that.

5: You better not exercise outside in winter

Going out for running with a jogging shoe in cold seems not to go easy. Indeed, if it is true that exercising in the cold is bad for your health, there is no one who goes out of the trouble to go out. However, "If you properly warm up, exercising outdoors in winter is a very good thing for your health," Dr. Sharp says.

When suddenly exercising suddenly in the cold weighing the blood vessels of the heart, it seems like it would be good if you exercise in stages, walking until the body becomes outside air, and running as you get used to it. Those who have a disease in the heart need to consult a doctor before starting exercise, but if not conscious of acting in stages if it is not, exercise is good for health regardless of the season is.

6: Winter needs more sleep than other seasons

Especially in winter I think that everyone feels that they want to sleep all the time in a warm futon. However, desire for sleep that attacks in winter has not shown that people who were drowning in futons for a long time are good for their health.

"It is a very natural desire to want to rush on a comfortable bed, but it does not mean that you have to sleep more than in the winter," Professor Sharp explains.

During winter the sunshine hours are short and the time to hit the sun's light is short, which makes me feel sleepy. It is not bad as a countermeasure to go to bed early, but thinking to sleep too early is an idea. Because sleepiness enough for you to feel dizzy during the day may attack as long as you are too sleepy.

7: There is no need to paint sunscreen in winter

Some women tend to cloudy in winter, so some people may think that "You can just sunny days only", but if you do something wrong, the dermatologist Debra Jaliman points out.

Ultraviolet rays are falling down every spring, summer, fall, and winter at any moment, so it is better to have sunscreen of about SPF 30. There are two kinds of ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB, so it seems best to put on something to prevent both.

8: It will not be frostbite unless you do rare things

When I say frostbite, there may be an image that climbers who challenge Winter Mountain and people who enthusiastically enjoy snow sports will be. However, contrary to such an image, Jaliman doctor himself also experienced frostbite says that it is surprisingly easy to become easy.

It seems that the end of the skin like limbs tends to become cold and moist, so it seems easy to blister after feeling. It is extremely cold and there is plenty of chance of becoming frostbite even just placing only 30 bodies in a wet state.

Dr. Jaliman said about the symptoms of frostbite, "First of all, the affected part got heated and gradually lost its sensation and it felt like I felt cold soon, the skin surface gradually turned black and then the blister There is also the possibility of feeling a strong pain, and furthermore if the symptoms worsen, the nerves may be damaged and the end parts such as fingers and toes may be necrosed. "

"I will not cause frostbite unless it is at extremely low temperature" is no prohibition. Even if the temperature is around 0 degrees, frostbite can occur.

9: Dry skin is merely cumbersome and harmless

The skin of limbs exposed to dry air tends to be itching and bulky, making it look painful even on the look. However, such drying of the skin is not only troublesome and unpleasant, it also contributes to the spread of infectious diseases.

"It is very important to keep your skin moisturized," says Jaliman, doctor. When the skin dries, there are very small cracks on the surface, from which pathogens causing infectious diseases can enter. In order to break these infection routes, it is important to keep your skin moisturized every day as it is easier to dry like hands.

10: You will not suffer from allergies during winter

"People suffering from pollen allergy seems to be in good condition because pollen scarcely scatters in winter.However, when sensitive to a house dust such as pet's hair, dandruff, or mite, allergy Symptoms may get worse, "Verret said, indicating that there is a possibility that a doctor may suffer from painful symptoms in winter depending on allergens.

When I suffer from seasonal patterns, sneezing and runny nose, I tend to suspect that it is a "cold?", But if it is not easy to get rid of, I might as well doubt the line of allergy.

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