No need to go through the gym, six ways to exercise loose without shoulder stretches

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While January is about to pass, I think that some people are trying hard to achieve the goals set in the New Year. Although there are contents such as "to become healthy by exercising" and "to become exercised to continue to be slim" to the popular one among the goals, imposing a magnificent mission like "to go to the gym by daily routine" Well, there are also some people on the verge of setback.

It is easier to start by trying to start with trivial things than to self destruct with too big a goal. The most important thing is to use your body in everyday life. Although it may seems that the means listed here seems to be too easy compared with full-scale exercise using equipment in the gym, it is surely more than a state of being just a delusion that "go to the gym!" You can move.

A little exercise method that can be taken in immediately is as follows.6 Fun & amp; Easy Ways to Exercise in College - No Gym Required - College Fashion

1: Dare to change route to the destination by daring

Let's take a detour to the destination and walk a lot even for 2 minutes.

There may be people say, "Muri because it leaves the house at a time as much as to compete for 1 minute 1 second", but it is better for people to lengthen the walking distance for a long period of time in everyday life slowly It is easier than spending time on time, of course, health effects are also born.

It is fun to choose such things as gloves, earpieces, coats, etc. to make it a functional thing that can be cold cold, like favorite things or coats etc as it goes around a little. Also, going to school or office, returning to your room as soon as you return to your room, you can get warm, so you can endure the cold only for a limited time.

2: Change to bike commuting or going to school

In this season, riding a bicycle may be dangerous in some areas where snow is piled up or the road frozen, but otherwise people who are using cars or trains will change their means of transport to the bicycle It is also a good one.

If the train commuting person switches to the bicycle, you can save the fare. Also, if you stop getting on the car, it will not cost gasoline, carbon dioxide emissions can also be reduced, so it is also a good idea to be able to move the body and save money.

3: go up and down stairs

Although it may seem that it would be fantastic to go up and down stairs though it is not used, this can be quite effective training.

For example, even if you get plunged midnight and want to move your body impulsively, of course the gym is closed. But you can do it any time you go up and down stairs. Please use the nearby stairs and continue up and down with the tempo as soon as possible to continue the stairs for as long as 20 minutes.

As you exercise, endorphins of brain matter are secreted more, so it will be flying away somewhere that irritated anger and musashshya feelings. Moreover, it is not convenient to change clothes as you go to the gym, so it is convenient to work on casual wear.

4: Play with games

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Playing games is good for stress relief, but in recent yearsWii FitOr XboxKinect, PS3'sPlayStation MoveAs things that move by moving the body are coming out, you can exercise while enjoying using it effectively.

When we are holding an important meeting the next day or when the deadline for report submission is near, we must prepare without losing the temptation of the game, but enjoying it with friends and being able to play with a friendly atmosphere It seems to be a perfect tool to keep going.

5: Exercise while watching your favorite TV programs and movies


Please take in the habit of exercising while watching TV and movies at home.

People who are enjoying weekly shows, if you watch it and train your arm muscles with a dumbbell, training cycles are formed naturally. People who wish to concentrate on the essential programs may wish to move the body during the time when the CM flows.

6: Dancing

I think whether there are individual differences, but dancing is a stress relief method that can be done anytime anywhere for anyone who likes it and it will be a means of good exercise.

People who somewhat embarrassed to dance in public such as clubs are also a bit embarrassed, depending on the music of their choice in the room, a little step on the steps and get the trick.

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