Powerful alarm clock that makes you feel like you were hit by a strange phenomenon

A movie filming what kind of thing it made a super powerful alarm clock that makes you feel like it was attacked by a strange phenomenon for a man who can not easily get up even if a man is quite loud alarm clock. I think most people can get up if done so far, but it seems to feel very bad from the morning.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock

At first glance it seems like an ordinary bed,

There is a large-scale device under the bed.

When I get to bed after sleeping in this bed,

The bed moves up and down intensely.

It is strong enough that the body floats in the air.

Wake up.

I think that it will almost certainly occur, but it seems not to be a pleasant awakening.

You can see the movie that the woman became the experiment base from below.
YouTube - alarm clock bed

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