A movie of an alarm clock catching up at 5 o'clock every morning


It is a movie filming how cat catching images sleeping wake me every morning at a fixed time. Whether you feel annoying or envy may be by people.

Cat Alarm Clock - YouTube

Boo loves the owner, he does not wait outside of the room because I want him to care.

But I was pushed out of the room.

Then, please insert the front leg from the gap below the door like this at 5 o'clock every morning ... ...

Shiba Grasp the spring attached to the bottom of the door (to prevent hitting the wall) and release it repeatedly.

Hold well

Baby boiled ... ...

Anyway, I will repeat.

According to the owner, this behavior seems to be done because Boo is lonesome to the last, it seems never to come just because the stomach is empty.

Looking from the outside like this.

Because I am lonely, my owner will glancing at my hand and I will crank up and react in response.

"Put it in, Come on!" And Boo

Finally I was able to settle

As this is no longer a custom every morning, the owner is always getting up early.

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